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Top City Breaks This Year Quiz

If you want to see the to cheapest and best holidays in different places then this is what you need to do! 8 Questions.

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In this quiz we will look at the cheapest and best city breaks , starting off with a city know for a very beautiful river and St Vitus Cathedral in the centre but do you know what it is?

  • Prague in Czech Republic
  • Paris in France
  • Athens in Greece
  • Dublin in Ireland

Question 2 Photo

This city is famous for river cruises on the Danube River , one of the city's sights is the Fisherman's Bastion but what is it?

  • Copenhagen in Denmark
  • Budapest in Hungary
  • Paris in France
  • Reykjavik in Iceland

Question 3 Photo

This city is famous for many monuments such as the Brotherhood of the Blackheads which is in the old part of the city , but what is it?

  • Helsinki in Finland
  • Paris in France
  • Vienna in Austria
  • Riga in Latvia

Question 4 Photo

This city is famous for many churches such as Alexander Nevsky Cathedral and Saint Nicholas Church but what is it?

  • Tallinn in Estonia
  • Stockholm in Sweden
  • Oslo in Norway
  • Vilnius in Lithuania

Question 5 Photo

This city is famous for many things such as the Palace of Culture and Science and the Bath Gardens which are close the Royal Palace , but what is it?

  • Paris in France
  • Warsaw in Poland
  • Bern in Switzerland
  • Sofia in Bulgaria

Question 6 Photo

This city is not only known for the Danube River but also for the Schonbrunn Palace and Sachertorte but what is it?

  • Vienna in Austria
  • Berlin in Germany
  • Stockholm in Sweden
  • Chisinau in Moldova

Question 7 Photo

This city is very famous for the Charlottenburg Palace which is not far away from the Brandenburg Gate , but what is it?

  • Minsk in Belarus
  • Berlin in Germany
  • Belgrade in Serbia
  • Paris in France

Question 8 Photo

This city is famous for the Vondelpark and Rijksmuseum but do you know what it is?

  • Amsterdam in Netherlands
  • Madrid in Spain
  • Lisbon in Portugal
  • Oslo in Norway