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Polish For Begginers Quiz #5

This is a very interesting but I hope it is a very fun qiz too! 8 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

In today's lesson we will look at describing our selves but we start with ''Good Afternoon''?

  • Dobry Wieczor
  • Dzien Dobry
  • Dobra Noc
  • Witaj Czlowieku

Question 2 Photo

How do you pronounce ''My favourite hobbies are'' , in Polish it is ''Moje ulubione hobby to''?

  • Maj'e ulu'ene hobbi to''
  • ''M'j olobeone hob'by t''
  • ''M'j klubiene hob'bi to''
  • ''Moje ul'bio'ne ho'bi to''

Question 3 Photo

How do you say ''Dancing'' in Polish?

  • Spiewaj
  • Gotowac
  • Jechac
  • Tanczyc

Question 4 Photo

How do you pronounce ''Drawing'' in Polish , it is ''Rysowac''?

  • ''R'ss'vac''
  • ''Ry'go'wac''
  • ''Ri'so'waci''
  • ''Riso'wa'ckata''

Question 5 Photo

How do you say ''Watching Television'' in Polish?

  • Ciagle tanczyc
  • Ogladac telewizor
  • Teraz spiewac
  • Uwielbiam jechanie

Question 6 Photo

Test : How do you say ''My favourite hobby is drawing''?

  • Moje ulubione hobby to rysowanie
  • Moje ulubione hobby to spiewanie
  • Moje ulubione hobby to tanczenie
  • Moje ulubione hobby to chodzenie

Question 7 Photo

How do you say ''My name is Andrew and my favourite hobby is dancing''?

  • Mam na imie Andrzej i moje ulubione jedzenie to peirogi .
  • Nazywam sie Andrzej i moje ulubione hobby to tanczyc .
  • Kocham ciebie lubisz tanczyc .
  • Jaki super jest dzisiaj dzien bo jest bardzo dobra pogoda tutaj .

Question 8 Photo

How do you say ''Bye bye'' in Polish?

  • Pa pa
  • Lubie to
  • Dziwny jestes
  • Bardzo interesujace