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80's R&B Song Lyrics Quiz

Can you finish the lyrics from these (mostly American) 80's R&B tunes. No worries, no tap-ins! 12 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

In "Caribbean Queen" Billy Ocean sings, "In the blink of an eye I knew..." What comes next ?

  • her beauty belonged in a frame
  • her number and her name
  • she was my kind of dame
  • she'd bring me fortune and fame

Question 2 Photo

In "Slowhand", the Pointer Singers sang, "I want a man with a slow hand, I want a lover ...". What comes next ?

  • who will lie in the sand
  • who will hold my hand
  • with romantic thoughts
  • with an easy touch

Question 3 Photo

In "One In A Million You" singer Larry Graham sings, "A one in a million chance of a lifetime. And life showed...". What comes next ?

  • compassion
  • me passion
  • you to me
  • me dancing

Question 4 Photo

In "What's Love Got To Do With It", Tina Turner sings,"You must understand, that the touch of your hand...". What comes next ?

  • takes me to wonderland
  • sends shivers over me
  • makes my pulse react
  • and I feel like I'm in quicksand

Question 5 Photo

In "Love TKO," Teddy Pendergrass sings, "But, another fight, things ain't right,...". What comes next ?

  • my pants are too tight
  • I'm losin' again
  • cause she's not here tonight
  • here we go again

Question 6 Photo

In "Freeway Of Love," Aretha Franklin sings, "Know you'd be a vision in white, how'd you...". What's next ?

  • get your smile so bright
  • make out in that fight
  • get your suit so bright
  • get your pants so tight

Question 7 Photo

On "Here And Now," Luther Vandross sings,"Here and now, I promise to love faithfully, you're...". What comes next ?

  • all I need
  • what I see
  • an original "g"
  • which, a she or a he

Question 8 Photo

In "Saving All My Love," Whitney Houston sang,"Though I've tried to resist, being last..." What comes next ?

  • for a kiss
  • for a tryst
  • on your list
  • to be kissed

Question 9 Photo

In the song "Kiss," Prince sings,"You don't have to be beautiful, to..." What comes next ?

  • take me home
  • sing my songs
  • turn me on
  • rule the world

Question 10 Photo

In the song," Solid As A Rock," Ashford and Simpson sang, "And for love's sake, each mistake, ah, ..." What's next ?

  • you made alot
  • you'd try again
  • we tried again
  • you forgave

Question 11 Photo

In the song "Sexual Healing," Marvin Gaye sings,"Whenever blue teardrops are fallin', and my emotional ..." What's next ?

  • state is out of control
  • stability is leaving me
  • words bring you to me
  • instability is scaring you

Question 12 Photo

In the song,"Sign Your Name," Terence Trent D'Arby sings,"Sign your name across my heart, I want you..." What comes next ?

  • to be my baby
  • don't tell me maybe
  • to be my lady
  • to sign it Sadie