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The Mighty Boosh Quiz

Boosh Quizzing 10 Questions.

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What's the name of the evil green cockney with a polo for an eye in The Mighty Boosh?

  • Bollo
  • The Hitcher
  • Old Gregg


What's the name of the zoo where Howard and Vince work in the first series?

  • The Zooniverse
  • Euro-Zoo
  • Dalston Animal Centre


In one episode, what does Vince refer to himself as?

  • The Camden Hoaxer
  • The Dalston Vampire
  • The Lambeth Lover


What is the name of the coconut lady accidentally killed by Howard in the episode "The Nightmare of Milky Joe"?

  • Clara Bow
  • Ruby
  • Precious Lillywhite


Who steals Naboo's Shaman Juice from the Nabootique in the third series?

  • The Hitcher
  • The Crack Fox
  • Lance Dior


Who does Howard have a crush on at the zoo in the first series?

  • Miss Pincham-White
  • Bob Fossil
  • Mrs. Gideon


What is Vince's "warlock name", invented to impress two goth girls he met in a club?

  • Obsidian Blackbird McNight
  • Onyx Feather O'Gall
  • Melchior Calibris Honeydew


When Vince and Howard meet The Flightly Zeus in the third series, what do they do in order to determine which of them is the greatest?

  • A quiff-off
  • An auto/homo-erotic mirror dance-off
  • A four-way crimp-off


In "The Legend of Old Gregg", how is Vince able to catch fish when out on the lake?

  • He's able to woo them with personality alone
  • He uses baited drainpipes
  • With a Cockney fishing rod


In the episode "The Chokes", what must Vince manage to do before he and Howard have a shot at stardom with The Black Tubes?

  • squeeze into the skinniest drainpipes known to man
  • Have the cheekiest fringe of anyone present
  • Backcomb his hair to unprecedented heights