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What do you know about the past and the present? Test your knowledge! 8 Questions.

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Which of these is true?

  • A cats bladder is so efficent it can avoid the toilet for 3 days
  • A cats kidneys are so efficent they can rehydrate using sea water
  • A cats nose is so good it can smell their owners from 2 miles away
  • None of the above

Question 2 Photo

76% of the restaurants that appeared on Kitchen nightmares have been sold or shut down.True or False?

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Question 3 Photo

The average teacher salary in Switzerland in 2010 was what per year?

  • $11400
  • $11200
  • $112000
  • $22800

Question 4 Photo

The world tallest tree's location is kept a secret from everyone but a select few scientists. True or False?

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Question 5 Photo

What did a real human named 'Andre the Giant' drink when he went to a hotel bar?

  • 127 beers
  • 60 Lemonades
  • 193 Orange juices
  • There was never a man named Andre the Giant

Question 6 Photo

In North Korea, less than 0% of people have access to what?

  • A holiday when they want it
  • The internet
  • Fizzy Drinks
  • All of the above

Question 7 Photo

A man once broke into Buckingham Palace unssen wandered aroung for a while, sat on the throne, ate some cheddar cheese, drank some wine, looked at some royal portraits and left unseen!True or False?

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Question 8 Photo

Close to 1 hundred billionares have signed 'the giving pledge' to give away what?

  • One years worth of his salary
  • Half of his lifes earnings
  • His most expensive clothes to poor people
  • All of the above