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Polish For Begginers #4

This is a very interesting but I hope it is a very fun quiz too! 8 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

In this lesson we will test what you know about the seperate words we learnt and we will put them into our sentences , we start off with ''Dziendobry''?

  • Good Morning
  • Good Evening
  • Good Night
  • Good Afternoon

Question 2 Photo

We will learn how to say ''I live in'' in Polish , you pronounce it ''J-a m'eshk' am v''?

  • Ja pochodze z
  • Ja mieszkam w
  • Ja lubie to
  • Jakie jest dzien

Question 3 Photo

How do you pronounce ''England'' in Polish , it is ''Anglia''?

  • Agre'ls
  • Debh'ghala
  • Fran'cja
  • Ang-l'ea ( like in East ''Anglia'' )

Question 4 Photo

How do you say ''My name is Frank and I live in England''?

  • Nazywam sie Frank i mieszkam w Angli.
  • Kocham Anglie.
  • Jestem z Anglii.
  • Super dzien jest tutaj.

Question 5 Photo

How do you say ''Oman'' in Polish , you prononce it ''Om'n''?

  • Omansko
  • Oman
  • Umna
  • Omanasasa

Question 6 Photo

How do you say ''Where do you come from'' in Polish , you pronouce it ''Z kae't jeshitesh''?

  • Skat jest?
  • Skat ty pochodzisz?
  • Mam na imie jakos tam
  • Co to wogula ma znaczyc

Question 7 Photo

If somebody asks you ''Jak sie nazywasz'' what do you reply?

  • Nie wiem o czym mowisz
  • Nazywam sie (Jacob) .
  • Jaki jestes dzisij dziwny
  • Ja mieszkam w Anglii.

Question 8 Photo

How do you say ''Poland'' in Polish , you pronounce it ''Pol-s'ka''?

  • Polska
  • Polen
  • Poola
  • Polland