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Geography to the LIMIT!

This quiz will test your knowledge on geography around the world. Good Luck! 8 Questions.

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What is the capital city of Congo?

  • Brazzaville
  • Oslo
  • Muscat
  • Koror


Earth is the only planet in the Solar System to have water in its three states of matter: as a solid ,a liquid and as a gas. True or False?

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Earth and Mercury are the two most dense planets in the Solar System. This means that particles inside the planets are?

  • Closley packed togeter
  • Far apart
  • Big
  • Small


The Earth's core is?

  • As hot as Murcury
  • 1000 times as hot as Pluto
  • As hot as the surface of the sun
  • Ranges from 10 to 100 degrees


Despite being called Earth, only 29% of the surface is actually 'earth.' What is the rest of the Earths surface?

  • 60% Water, 11% Lava
  • Just water
  • 70% Water 1% Lava
  • Just Lava


From a distance, Earth would be the brightest of the planets. Why?

  • Because the Earth is the clostest to the sun
  • Because the sunlight reflects off the water
  • Because of the lights on Earth
  • Because the Earth has its own natural light


The tallest volcano is 4637m high! True or False?

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“Taumatawhakatangihangak oauauotamateaturipukaka pikimaungahoronukupokaiwhe nua kitanatahu”is a hill in Africa! True or False?

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