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"Here's Your Sign" Quiz

Can you guess what the meanings of these "hand signals" are? They're not too hard, and who know's when they'll come in handy! 8 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

Do you know what this hand sign means in Texas ?

  • Rock On!
  • Gig'em Aggies!
  • Hook'em Horns!
  • Hang In There!

Question 2 Photo

Do you know what this hand sign means?

  • Seating for two, please!
  • Just two hits!
  • Vegetarian man!
  • Peace!

Question 3 Photo

What are you saying when you "throw deuces" with this hand sign in the U.S. ?

  • I'm Outta Here!
  • Two More Minutes!
  • Let's Go!
  • Chop Chop!

Question 4 Photo

What is this hand sign saying ?

  • Good use of signals, buddy!
  • How about a ride!
  • Rate this traffic flow.
  • Thanks, but , I'm okay!

Question 5 Photo

What's this a sign for on Bourbon St., in New Orleans La., during Mardi Gras ?

  • Wet T-Shirt Winner!
  • Don't Play Strip Poker With This Guy!
  • Never Lose A Drinking Contest!
  • Hey Mister! Throw Me Some Beads!

Question 6 Photo

What does the "Shaka" hand wave mean in Hawaii, U.S. ?

  • Great Waves!
  • Hang Loose!
  • Let's Go!
  • Surf's Up!

Question 7 Photo

What does this hand sign mean in Brazil ?

  • Good Job!
  • Good Meal!
  • You're Calling Someone An A**hole!
  • You Little Booger!

Question 8 Photo

What does this "summoning" index finger gesture mean in the Phillipines ?

  • It's an insult, like calling them as you would a dog.
  • I need your help.
  • Could you come here a moment?
  • You're calling someone a worm!