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Meaning of Words Quiz #2

This is a very interesting but I hope it is a very fun quiz too! 8 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

What is the meaning to the word ''detour''?

  • It is a diversion route to a reduced access area.
  • It is a rally challenge.
  • It is a medicine to help people focus.
  • It is a place you are not allowed to enter.

Question 2 Photo

What is a ''vehicle''?

  • It is a telephone which can be taken anywhere.
  • It is a machine which transports passengers.
  • It is a flying box.
  • It is a object which can not move even though it has force on it.

Question 3 Photo

What is the meaning of the word ''maleficence''?

  • To go to jail.
  • A mixture of feelings.
  • Feeling you are going to cry.
  • Doing of evil and harm.

Question 4 Photo

If you look ''lugubrious'' how do you look?

  • Look sad and mournful.
  • Look happy and cheerful.
  • Look jealous and angry.
  • Look strange and selfish.

Question 5 Photo

If you look ''spiffy'' how do you look?

  • Young
  • Stylish
  • Old
  • Fresh

Question 6 Photo

If a person is ''captious'' what is he like?

  • Wanting to find fault in everything.
  • You want to hide somewhere.
  • Wanting to hide something on purpose.
  • Wanting to say something bad because you are jealous.

Question 7 Photo

What is ''malapropism''?

  • To love a famous person.
  • Putting similar sounding words instead of the correct word.
  • To shake your body.
  • Putting others infront of yourself on purpose to make them do things.

Question 8 Photo

Who is an ''opsimath''?

  • A person who learns late in life.
  • A person who never ate fruit.
  • Somebody who lies about somebody else.
  • A person who does not think before he says things.