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Meaning of Words Quiz #1

This is a very interesting but I hope it is a very fun quiz too! 8 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

If somebody is an ''anthropophaginian'' who are they?

  • Cannibal
  • Policeman
  • Doctor
  • Teacher

Question 2 Photo

If you are ''doliferous'' what are you doing?

  • Feeling very happy and excited.
  • Bearing grief or pain.
  • You are waiting for something.
  • Doing lots of things at once not caring.

Question 3 Photo

If you are feeling ''jocund'' how are you feeling?

  • Tired
  • Embarressed
  • Angry
  • Cheerful

Question 4 Photo

If you are ''haughty'' how do you behave?

  • Arrogantly
  • Caring
  • Loving
  • Cheerful

Question 5 Photo

If you are ''scrupulous'' who are you like?

  • Very cheerful and never cares if anybody does something unkind to him.
  • Pays attention to every detail and very concerned to avoid something wrong.
  • Always worries about everything.
  • Behaves strange around people not his age.

Question 6 Photo

What is a ''leash''?

  • It is a rope attached to an animal neck for control.
  • It is a window which has handles.
  • It is a type of cloth you clean your shoes with.
  • It is a chair you stand on to get something which is very high.

Question 7 Photo

If you are ''diligent'' how do you work?

  • You do not care for anything you do.
  • You care for everything you do.
  • You think only about your self and do not care.
  • Your views on things are much more different from others.

Question 8 Photo

If something is ''flimsy'' what is it like?

  • It can get easily damaged.
  • It is very strong.
  • It is made of a compound of materials.
  • It is very expensive but can look much more differently.