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Silas Marner: The Weaver of Raveloe Quiz

test ur brain 8 Questions.

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Why are weavers typically objects of suspicion in Silas’s day?

  • They are seen as doing womanly work
  • They are rootless and have specialized knowledge
  • They wear only linen clothing
  • They have bad eyesight


How does Silas know about herbal medicine?

  • His mother taught him
  • It was part of the training from his religious sect in Lantern Yard
  • He has read up on the topic
  • He doesn’t, he only pretends to


What is dropsy?

  • A part of a loom
  • A traditional British breakfast drink
  • The name of Silas’s pet bunny rabbit
  • A disease that causes abnormal swelling in the body


Why doesn’t Silas protest his innocence when he is framed for theft?

  • He is not allowed to speak
  • He is having a cataleptic fit at the time
  • He believes God will clear him
  • He believes he actually did steal the money while having a cataleptic fit


During the period in his life when all he does is work and hoard money, Silas is likened to?

  • A spider
  • A narrow, nearly dried-up rivulet
  • A handle or crooked tube
  • All of the above


From where does Godfrey obtain the one hundred pounds that he lends Dunsey?

  • The sale of Godfrey’s horse, Wildfire
  • The rent paid by one of the Squire’s tenants
  • Money that Godfrey had set aside to give his wife, Molly
  • Godfrey’s winnings at cards


Why does Godfrey put up with Dunsey’s bullying?

  • Dunsey can beat him up
  • Dunsey has threatened to expose Godfrey’s secret marriage
  • Godfrey is trying to set an example of good Christian forbearance
  • Godfrey is a masochist and enjoys abuse


Why does Dunsey almost turn around and return home before he gets to the hunt?

  • He thinks of the idea of bullying Silas into lending money to Godfrey
  • He wants Godfrey to have to admit to the Squire where the missing money went
  • He has forgotten his riding whip
  • He gets cold feet