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A Tale of Two Cities opens in 1775. Which of the following does not characterize this period?

  • The British colonies in America have just presented a list of grievances to the King of England
  • Crime and capital punishment plague the streets of London
  • The guillotine stands as a much-feared fixture on the streets of Paris
  • The French aristocracy causes great suffering among the lower classes


Why are the drivers of the Dover mail coach hesitant to stop for Jerry Cruncher’s message?

  • They fear that he is a highwayman attempting to rob the passengers
  • They fear that stopping will put them behind schedule for delivering the mail in a timely fashion
  • They have been charged with the safety of Jarvis Lorry, one of the coach’s passengers
  • Jerry Cruncher’s troublesome reputation precedes him


What object does Doctor Manette keep during his imprisonment in order to escape “in spirit”?

  • A picture of his wife and daughter
  • The Bible
  • A keg of wine
  • A lock of his wife’s hair


By what name do the men in Defarge’s wine shop call their fellow revolutionaries?

  • Jacques
  • Pierre
  • Jasper
  • Xavier


What skill did Doctor Manette develop in order to pass the time during his incarceration?

  • Drawing
  • Whittling
  • Shoemaking
  • Storytelling


What symbol does Dickens use to portend the bloodshed of the French Revolution?

  • The Dover mail coach
  • The broken wine cask
  • Tellson’s Bank
  • Madame Defarge’s malevolent stare


During her testimony, to whom does Lucie claim that Charles Darnay alluded on the boat ride from Calais to Dover?

  • Louis XVI
  • John Adams
  • Napoleon Bonaparte
  • George Washington


After Darnay’s acquittal, why does Sydney Carton claim to dislike him?

  • Darnay is unattractive and mean-spirited
  • Darnay abuses the love of Lucie Manette
  • Darnay reminds him of how far he has fallen and everything he might have been
  • Even though he has been acquitted, Darnay is a traitor


To which animal does Dickens compare Sydney Carton?

  • A jackal
  • A lion
  • A weasel
  • A sloth


A Tale of Two Cities was published in weekly installments from April to November of what year?

  • 1845
  • 1859
  • 1879
  • 1890


What image does Dickens frequently use to describe Lucie Manette?

  • An earth-bound angel
  • A golden thread
  • A tiger lily
  • A calm in a storm


What sound does Lucie often hear echoing off the street when she is in her home?

  • Footsteps
  • Brawling
  • The yells of the crowd at public executions
  • A choir singing


Which of the following characters is related to the Marquis, whose carriage runs down a small child?

  • Doctor Manette
  • Sydney Carton
  • Charles Darnay
  • Miss Pross


Who does Miss Pross believe is the ideal suitor for Lucie Manette?

  • Sydney Carton
  • Charles Darnay
  • Her brother, Solomon
  • She believes that no man is good enough for Lucie


What does Mr. Lorry try to persuade Mr. Stryver not to do?

  • Propose to Lucie Manette
  • Invest his money in Tellson’s Bank
  • Drop Sydney Carton as a business colleague
  • Visit Paris at a time of political turmoil