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Great Songs 4 That Never Made No 1

More songs that justified the top spot but never made it (UK Chart) 10 Questions.

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"You've Got A Friend" made it to No 4 in 1971 for which superb singer/songwriter?

  • James Taylor
  • Johnnie Taylor
  • Felice Taylor
  • R. Dean Taylor


Classic rockers Led Zeppelin recorded this song in 1969 but it was not released as a single until 1997 and only reached No 21, complete the song title "Whole Lotta" what?

  • Lies
  • Life
  • Love
  • Laughs


Dobie Gray's original failed to make the chart but a later version by Michael Bolton reached No 18 in 1992, what song am I referring to?

  • Drift Around
  • Drift Off
  • Drift of Snow
  • Drift Away


Lenny Kravitz reached the top ten but failed to make it to No 1 when he asked what?

  • Are You Gonna Go Away?
  • Are You Gonna Go My Way?
  • Are You Gonna Go By May?
  • Are You Gonna Go To Pay?


Which brothers peaked at No 13 in 1960 with "Let It Be Me"?

  • Jolly Brothers
  • Johnston Brothers
  • Grace Brothers
  • Everly Brothers


This 'precious' man had a No 5 hit in 1978 with "Never Let Her Slip Away", who was he?

  • Andrew Silver
  • Andrew Gold
  • Andrew Diamond
  • Andrew Emerald


The Isley Brothers only reached No 16 with this song in 1974, what was the song's title?

  • Winter Gale
  • Spring Wind
  • Summer Breeze
  • Autumn Hurricane


The first time it was released, "Light My Fire" struggled to No 49 and when re-issued in 1991 made No 7 for which group?

  • The Windows
  • The Panes
  • The Frames
  • The Doors


This fabulous Four Tops track just scraped into the top ten in 1970 and when re-issued couldn't even get into the top 40, which song deserved better?

  • Still Water (Love)
  • I Can't Help Myself
  • It's The Same Old Song
  • When She Was My Girl


Blue Mink's first hit urged racial harmony and reached No 3 in 1969, what was the song's title?

  • Melting Cot
  • Melting Pot
  • Melting Dot
  • Melting Hot