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Childrens' Comics Quiz

A nostalgic look at 60s and 70s comics, one of the best reasons for learning how to read! 10 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

Arthur C. Clarke was a specialist advisor for which "Eagle" character?

  • Captain Pugwash
  • Dan Dare
  • Cornelius Dimworthy
  • Storm Nelson

Question 2 Photo

TV critic, Nina Myskow was a former editor of which girl's comic?

  • Princess Tina
  • Mandy
  • Jackie
  • Mirabelle

Question 3 Photo

Which comic featured "Minnie the Minx", "Biffo the Bear" and "Lord Snooty" amongst its many iconic characters?

  • The Beano
  • Buster
  • The Dandy
  • Whizzer and Chips

Question 4 Photo

What was the title of the "Bunty" adventures set in 'St. Elmo's', a girls' public boarding school?

  • The Comp
  • Moira Kemp
  • The Four Marys
  • Penny's Place

Question 5 Photo

Which of the following 'Beezer' strips survived the merger and continued in 'The Beezer and Topper'?

  • The Banana Bunch
  • Bucko's Flying Bedstead
  • The Kings of Castaway Island
  • Merry Hood and his Robbin Men

Question 6 Photo

In which 'Mandy' feature did the villagers of ‘'Wavertree' believe newcomer, Barbara Petty, was connected to the village witch, Grandmother Petty?

  • Bad Luck Barbara
  • Valda
  • Little Miss Icicle
  • Hockey Hannah

Question 7 Photo

Which comic featured the mischievous "Beryl the Peril", caveman 'Big Uggy", and the secret agent strip "Send for Kelly"?

  • The Dandy
  • The Topper
  • Buster
  • The Tiger

Question 8 Photo

Which 'Twinkle' feature revolved around a little girl, her grandad and their toy hospital?

  • Matron Milly
  • Doctor Dolly
  • Nurse Nancy
  • Bedpan Betty

Question 9 Photo

Which "Buster" character defended Britain from Norse invaders with weapons he'd forged from a meteorite?

  • Captain Crucial
  • Zarga - Man of Mystery
  • Maxwell Hawke
  • Black Axe the Saxon Avenger

Question 10 Photo

Which girls' comic featured: "Supergirl", "Patience in the Saddle" and "Sally of Studio Seven"?

  • Bella
  • Judy
  • Sallie
  • Jinty