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U2 Achtung Baby lyrics

One question on each song from the ultimate U2 album. This be good quiz! 12 Questions.

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Zoo Station:I'm ready for ...

  • The chocolate bar
  • The music to play
  • The laughing gas
  • The engine to start


Even better than the real thing:Give me one last chance ...

  • Cos my head is somewhere in between
  • I'm gonna make you sing
  • You won't be denied
  • Cos I love you


One:We're one but we're ...

  • Not the same
  • Playing the game
  • Both to blame
  • Enjoying the fame


Until the end of the world:In my dreams I was ...

  • Drowning my desires
  • Drowning my memories
  • Drowning my wishes
  • Drowning my sorrows


Who's gonna ride your wild horses:Come on now love don't you ...

  • Let go
  • Leave me
  • Look back
  • Love another


So Cruel:The men who love you ...

  • You think are ghosts
  • You hate the most
  • Let you down
  • Don't come around


The fly:Look I gotta go, yeah ...

  • I'm running out of change
  • The taxi cab is waiting
  • I need to go to work
  • There's someone on the phone


Mysterious ways:It's alright, it's alright, it's alright ...

  • She dances in mysterious ways
  • She talks in mysterious ways
  • She works in mysterious ways
  • She moves in mysterious ways


Tryin' to throw your arms around the world:He took an open top beatle ...

  • To your front door
  • Down the open highway
  • Through the eye of a needle
  • To the cathedral


Ultraviolet (light my way):Oh sugar, don't you cry, oh child

  • Wipe your eyes
  • Wipe the tears from your eyes
  • Wipe your tears away
  • Wipe your blood shot eyes


Acrobat:So dream out loud, you know that ...

  • Your time is coming round
  • Your time is coming don't be late
  • Your time has hit the ground
  • Your time is here


Love is blindness:Won't you wrap the night ...

  • Around the sun
  • Into a ball
  • Up into space
  • Around me