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Round the Horne

Will only appeal to those who are older and therefore wiser. 10 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

Who were the writers of "Round The Horne"?

  • Eric Merriman
  • Frank Muir and Denis Norden
  • Barry Took and Marty Feldman
  • Harry Secombe and Spike Milligan

Question 2 Photo

Who was the only female member of the cast?

  • Betty Marsden
  • Joan Sims
  • June Whitfield
  • Hattie Jacques

Question 3 Photo

Who played folk singer "Rambling Syd Rumpo"?

  • Douglas Smith
  • Kenneth Williams
  • Kenneth Horne
  • Hugh Paddick

Question 4 Photo

Who was the "world's dirtiest old man"?

  • J Peasmold Gruntfuttock
  • Binkie Huckaback
  • Dr Chou En Ginsberg MA (Failed)
  • Spasm

Question 5 Photo

What was the catch phrase of" Bea Clissold, Lady Counterblast"?

  • Hello cheeky face
  • I got a touch of the dooms
  • Many, many times
  • I need to be serviced

Question 6 Photo

Who was the announcer?

  • Kenneth Horme
  • Douglas Smith
  • Hugh Paddick
  • Bill Pertwee

Question 7 Photo

One of the most popular regular sketches was "Julian and Sandy". Kenneth Williams was Julian. Who played Sandy?

  • Betty Marsden
  • Kenneth Horne
  • Douglas Smith
  • Hugh Paddick

Question 8 Photo

Who delivered the opening sketch each week, which was either "Answers to Last Week's Quiz" or "Special Events"?

  • Kenneth Horne
  • Douglas Smith
  • Kenneth Williams
  • Hugh Paddick

Question 9 Photo

"Fiona and Charles" was a regular sketch. Hugh Paddick played Binkie Huckaback, an aging juvenile. Can you name the character played by Betty Marsden?

  • Lady Maude Clutterbuck
  • Dame Betty Cliffhanger
  • Dame Celia Molestrangler
  • Veronica Cuffley-Highbed

Question 10 Photo

Who played the common as muck concubine "Lotus Blossom"?

  • Kenneth Williams
  • Betty Marsden
  • Bill Pertwee
  • Hugh Paddick