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Polish For Starters Quiz

This is very educational and testing but I hope it is a very fun quiz too! 8 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

How do you say ''Good Morning'' in Polish?

  • Dzien Dobry
  • Dobry Wieczor
  • Czesc
  • Pa pa

Question 2 Photo

How do you say ''Good Afternoon'' In Polish , it can be used when you welcome somebody or leave?

  • Dobra Noc
  • Dobry Wieczor
  • Nocnik
  • Recznik

Question 3 Photo

How do you say ''Bye bye'' in Polish , this is only for informal - like friends or family?

  • Ruszaj
  • Idziemy
  • Czesc
  • Pa pa

Question 4 Photo

How do you say ''How much is it'' in Polish , can be used when you go shopping in small shops where they might not have a price label on the product?

  • Ile to kosztuje?
  • Co to?
  • Wrecz przeciwnie?
  • Jaki cud?

Question 5 Photo

How do you say ''Where is it'' in Polish , you can use it when you are lost or need to find a way from a local person?

  • Jaki kierunek?
  • Gdzie jest to?
  • Masz pienidze?
  • Ile to kosztuje?

Question 6 Photo

How do you say ''Can you help me'' in Polish?

  • Mozesz mi pomoc?
  • Ile to kosztuje?
  • Gdzie jest to?
  • Jaki kierunek do tego?

Question 7 Photo

How do you say ''Do you speak English'' in Polish , people might know some English words in larger cities ; but you can surely find people who speak a bit or even large amounts?

  • Ile o kosztuje?
  • Czy mowisz po angielsku?
  • Czy mozesz mi pomoc?
  • Gdzie jest to?

Question 8 Photo

How do you say ''Hello'' in Polish?

  • Czesc
  • Pa pa
  • Dobra Noc
  • Witaj