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Triviana Quiz 19

The next installment of this series, as always remember the pictures and Good Luck. 10 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

Which figure from the old "Wild West" do we associate with the "dead man's hand" (Aces/Eights)?

  • Wild Bill Hickok
  • Wyatt Earp
  • Doc Holliday
  • Billy the Kid

Question 2 Photo

Which band took their name from a certain sexual device featured in the novel 'Naked Lunch' by William Burroughs?

  • Motorhead
  • Steely Dan
  • XTC
  • The Pogues

Question 3 Photo

In which U.S. state is it against the law to carry an ice cream in your back pocket on a Sunday?

  • Hawaii
  • Alaska
  • Georgia
  • Florida

Question 4 Photo

Which of the following literary greats died on their birthday?

  • George Bernard Shaw
  • Mark Twain
  • William Shakespeare
  • Edgar Allan Poe

Question 5 Photo

In 2007, Italian became the official language of which country?

  • Monaco
  • Italy
  • San Marino
  • Luxembourg

Question 6 Photo

In Forbes List of Movie's Richest Fictional Characters (2012) who is at number one?

  • Lisbeth Salander ("Girl with the Dragon Tattoo")
  • Carlisle Cullen ("Twilight")
  • Bruce Wayne ("Batman")
  • Smaug ("The Hobbit")

Question 7 Photo

Native American Geronimo of the Chiricahua Apache tribe was also a member of which of the following?

  • Dutch Reformed Church
  • The Backstreet Boys
  • The Temperance movement
  • The Democrat Party

Question 8 Photo

By what name do we know Wolfgang Gerhard who drowned in 1979 in waters off Bertioga, Brazil?

  • Adolph Eichman
  • Klaus Barbie
  • Josef Mengele
  • Martin Bormann

Question 9 Photo

What does the number 8 turned on its side (rotated 90 degrees) represent?

  • Drunk
  • Is equal to or more than
  • Nothing, trick question
  • Infinity

Question 10 Photo

Which cartoon holds the honor of being the first X rated cartoon?

  • Betty Boop~Cartoon capers
  • Fritz the Cat
  • Jessica Rabbit ~ Uncut
  • Harry the Hedgehog