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The Wizard of Earthsea Books

By Ursula Leguin 20 Questions.

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What was the name of the boy child the story revolves around?

  • Dave
  • Duny
  • Darius


What does the boys father do for a living?

  • He is a Magician
  • He teaches school
  • He is the Bronze smith


What Spell does Duny use to save the village in which he lives?

  • He conjures fire to burn the invaders ships
  • He send a wind that destroys the ships
  • He summons a thick fog to envelope them


Who tells Duny his 'true name'?

  • His Aunt the village witch
  • A travelling weatherworker
  • A mage who comes in search of him


What is the mage called with whom Duny is apprenticed?

  • Aragorn the brave
  • Ogion the Silent
  • Caragion the stern


What is Dunys true name?

  • Gand
  • Ged
  • Grad


What is the 'usename' by which ged is known?

  • Duny
  • Night Walker
  • Sparrow Hawk


Where is the school for Wizards?

  • Hogwarts
  • Ireland
  • Roke


How does Sparrowhawk's folly give him his scarred face?

  • He is burned in a house fire he has caused
  • He summons the dead and is attacked
  • He tries to tranform himself and is stuck


Who saves Sparrowhawk from the spirit of the dead?

  • Archmage Nemmerle drives it off
  • His friend knows stronger magic and kills it
  • It doesnt want to be in the world and leaves


What happens to the Archmage after he wins against the spirit of the dead?

  • He is rewarded for his bravery and skill
  • He is banished from the Island of Roke
  • He dies


What is the name of Sparrowhawks only friend at the School?

  • Sage
  • Briony
  • Vetch


What task is the new Wizard Sparrowhawk set by his new employers?

  • He must rid the Island of Dragons
  • He Must control the weather for the farmers
  • He is to conjure food in times of drought


How does Sparrowhawk persuade the Dragon to leave the Islanders in peace?

  • He kills the lead dragon with a spell
  • He reveals that he knows the Dragons own name
  • He takes the dragons power of flight


When Sparrowhawk asks Ogion how he can escape the shadow that haunts him, what does Ogion suggest?

  • He pull himself together
  • He hides where noone can find him
  • He hunts the shadow down and confronts it


Sparrowhawk encounters a human form inhabited by the shadow,what is this being commonly called?

  • A Fetch
  • A Gebbeth
  • A Doppleganger


The wizard finds a little hut on an otherwise deserted Island. Who lives there and how do they treat him?

  • A dragon in the guise of a woman,who attacks him
  • A man who drives him off in fear
  • An old mute couple who feed him


Who accompanies Sparrowhawk on his hunt for the Shadow?

  • Ogion
  • Vetch
  • The Dragon


What magic does the shadow perform to drive the hunters off?

  • It invisibly solidifies the sea around the boat
  • It sets a sea serpeant upon them
  • It sends them mad


When Sparrowhawk and the Shadow finally meet,what one word do they both use that results in them combining as one person?

  • Stupefy
  • Gilly-gilly-Osenpepper
  • Ged