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Golf Rules Quiz

There are many rules in Golf - see what you know 10 Questions.

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In Golf a player Tee's off a centimetre in front of the Tee markers. What is the consequence?

  • The player must take a second shot with a 1 shot penalty.
  • The player should apologise and move on.
  • If the playing partner insists, the shot is replayed with no penalty.
  • The player plays a second ball and his patrner decides which one to continue with


In Golf stroke play a ball falls off the tee after the player's back swing. What should happen?

  • Replace the ball on the tee no penalty
  • Replace the ball on the tee one stroke penalty
  • Pick up ball and tee and allow partner to play.
  • Play a provisional ball and count as 3 shots


In Golf a chip from the fairway hits another player's ball on the green. What should happen next?

  • Leave the balls where they are and the player who hit the ball gets a one shot penalty
  • Replace the hit ball on the green and replay the original shot.
  • Replace the hit ball and penalise the stroke maker 1 shot
  • The player whose ball is hit can replace his ball or play it from the new position


In Golf stroke play a tee shot crosses water, hits the bank on the far side of the water and rolls back into the deep water. What should the striker do?

  • Play a second ball off the tee
  • Drop a ball where it rolled into the water.
  • Drop a ball where it first crossed the lake
  • Withdraw from the competition


In Golf stroke play a player's shot hits his opponent's bag left on the fairway. What is the penalty?

  • 1 shot penalty to the bag owner
  • 1 shot penalty to the striker
  • No penalty play ball where it lies
  • No penalty play ball from original position


In Golf stroke play a player with a handicap of 19 is playing a par 3 which has a stroke index of 1. The player holes the second stroke. What is his nett score?

  • 3
  • 2
  • 1
  • 0


In a Stapleford contest a player with a handicap of 10 completes all 18 holes of a 72 par course. He scores 37 points. How many strokes did he complete the course?

  • 82
  • 81
  • 109
  • 99


In Golf match play Player A leads Player B by 2 holes after completing 16 holes. What is the situation?

  • Player A has won
  • Player A is 'dormi"
  • The match is tied
  • Player B must concede


In Golf stroke play a player putts from 6 inches off the green. The ball hits the flag and drops in. Is there a problem?

  • Yes When putting the flag should be removed. 1 penalty strokes added.
  • Yes The flag should be removed when putting. Replace ball and putt with the flag out.
  • No.Ball was off green and flag can be left in hole.
  • Yes opponent penalised for not removing flag.


In Golf stroke play Player A plays off scratch and Player B plays off 18. On the first hole both players hole out in 4. Who has the honour teeing off on hole 2?

  • Player A (He has the lowest handicap)
  • The player who holes out first
  • Player B (He had the lowest nett score)
  • They toss for it