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U.K.T.V. Comedy Quiz 2

An easy one here, fifteen assorted questions on British comedy shows. Have a go, see how you get on. Good Luck. 10 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

Taken from the UK TV comedy "Father Ted", who is the recipient of this swift kick up the jacksie?

  • Cardinal Collins
  • Father Frank
  • Bishop Brennan
  • Deacon Blue

Question 2 Photo

Of which English village was this funny lady the Vicar?

  • Denby
  • Dibley
  • Dipton
  • Dorset

Question 3 Photo

What breed of parrot was it that was pining for the Fjords in "Monty Python's" iconic dead parrot comedy sketch?

  • Swedish Pied
  • Danish Blue
  • Scandinavian Yellow
  • Norwegian Blue

Question 4 Photo

Who is the tall gentleman in the blue suit in this scene from "Only Fools and Horses"?

  • Trigger
  • Denzil
  • Mickey
  • Boycie

Question 5 Photo

This one needs no introduction. Who is the wife of this erratic gent?

  • Polly
  • Sheila
  • Pam
  • Sybil

Question 6 Photo

Taken from Blackadder II who is this debonair chap?

  • Earl Flashheart
  • Lord Flashheart
  • Sir Flashman
  • Lord Coldheart

Question 7 Photo

For which company did Reginald Perrin work in the comedy "The Fall & Rise of Reginald Perrin"?

  • Cloudburst Custards
  • Palmers Puddings
  • Sunshine Desserts
  • Tomkins Trifles

Question 8 Photo

In "The League of Gentlemen" this is the vet you would not want anywhere near your pet. What's his name?

  • Mr. Miyagi
  • Mr. Ben
  • Mr. Christian
  • Mr. Chinnery

Question 9 Photo

Robert de Niro, David Bowie, Kate Winslet, Samuel L. Jackson and Orlando Bloom (to name but a few) all played themselves on which UK comedy?

  • Extras
  • The Office
  • Knowing Me, Knowing You
  • An Idiot Abroad

Question 10 Photo

What is Edina's (Eddie's) daughter's name in "Absolutely Fabulous"?

  • Sophia
  • Sharona
  • Saffron
  • Siobhan