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The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe Quiz

Test your knowledge on the chronicles of Narnia 20 Questions.

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Why does Lucy go into the Wardrobe?

  • They are playing hide and seek
  • She is afraid of the Professor
  • She is lost


Who meets the first human in Narnia?

  • Fenris Ulf
  • The Witch
  • Mr Tumnus


What is Mr Tumnus?

  • A dwarf
  • A faun
  • A beaver


Which kind of animals help the four children at first?

  • Badgers
  • Beavers
  • Squirells


Which child is in league with the White Witch?

  • Lucy
  • Peter
  • Edmund


Who is the King of Narnia who can save the animals from the witch?

  • Aslan
  • Mr Tumnus
  • Fenris Ulf


Why does The Witch capture Edmund?

  • She knows the sons of Adam can destroy her
  • She wants a son and heir
  • She likes child slaves


What do the children constantly hear themselves called?

  • Sons and daughters of Aslan
  • Kings and Queens
  • Sons of Adam Daughters of Eve


Why does Mr Tumnus cry when he asks Lucy to tea?

  • He bites his tongue
  • He wants the last sandwich
  • The witch wants him to betray her


Where does Tumnus think the children are from?

  • Cair Paravel
  • The far islands
  • The land or War drobe


What creature is Aslan?

  • A white wolf
  • A lion
  • A unicorn


What happens to Aslan when he confronts the Witch?

  • He gives himself up in place of Edmund
  • He roars and the witch disappears
  • He eats the witch


Who frees Aslan from his rope binding?

  • Lucy
  • Susan
  • The mice


How do the children get rewarded for their part in the story?

  • They are given sweets and presents
  • They are taken back home
  • They are crowned kings and Queens


Why do the children go into the forest when they are grown up?

  • They are hunting the white stag who grants wishes
  • They are trying to find home
  • They are fighting the dwarves


What strange object do the adult Kings and Queens find in the forest?

  • The wardrobe door
  • A cave
  • The lamppost


What is strange about the real world when they return?

  • Time has stood still and they are children again
  • Things are not the same, noone knows them
  • They are no longer human


Why do the children go to live with the Professor?

  • He likes children but has none
  • They are orphans and he is adopting them
  • They are evacuees in wartime England


What does Edmund ask the white witch for?

  • Gold and Silver
  • Magical powers
  • Turkish Delight


What happened to Narnia while Aslan was away and the Witch in charge?

  • It was a happy land
  • The animals could all magically talk
  • It was always winter and never Christmas