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Waterloo Road Quiz Trivia quiz

Are you crazy about Waterloo Road? Well lets see just how much you know about Waterloo Road then! 25 Questions.

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Overall in 'Waterloo Road' there have been 4 headteachers. Can you put them in order of appearance?

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  • Michael Byrne
  • Jack Rimmer
  • Karen Fisher
  • Rachel Mason


Chlo and Mika are sisters in 'Waterloo Road' their mother was called Izzie Redpath, what was their father called?

  • Tom Clarkson
  • Jimmy Grainger
  • Peter Redpath
  • Andrew Trennamen


Can you match these 'Waterloo Road' couples up?

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  • Janeece Bryant
  • Tom Clarkson
  • Eddie Lawson
  • Chlo Grainger


  • Donte Charles
  • Izzie Redpath
  • Bolton Smilie
  • Melissa Ryan


Lorna Dickey appears in Series 1 and 2 of 'Waterloo Road' in Series 2 episode 10 she commits suicide, she does this because she has what illness?

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Michael Byrne headteacher at 'Waterloo Road' has been out with which two teachers?

  • Nikki Boston and Sian Diamond
  • Lorraine Donnagon and Sian Diamond
  • Christine Mulgrew and Nikki Boston
  • Christine Mulgrew and Sian Diamond


Finn Sharky had a girlfriend at 'Waterloo Road' before Trudi Siddiqui, what was her name?

  • Lauren Andrews
  • Janeece Bryant
  • Sambuca Kelly
  • Jodie Allen


Can you put the Kelly children from 'Waterloo Road' in age order?

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  • Denzil Kelly
  • Earl Kelly
  • Sambuca Kelly
  • Marley Kelly


Who did Jack Rimmer, headteacher at 'Waterloo Road' have a couple of one night stands with?

  • Izzie Redpath
  • Davina Shackleton
  • Steph Haydock
  • Lorna Dickey


Janeece from 'Waterloo Road' has what plastic surgery done?

  • Bottox
  • Boob job
  • Tummy Tuck
  • Lip surgery


What was headteacher at 'Waterloo Road' Rachel Masons real name when she was a prostitute?

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What were the names of Grantley Budgen a teacher at 'Waterloo Road' two wives?

  • Fleur and Christie Budgen
  • Fleur and Maggie Budgen
  • Christie and Phillipa Budgen
  • Phillipa and Maggie Budgen


What was the name of the student at 'Waterloo Road' who got into bed with Mr Clarkson?

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Eddie Lawson and Rachel Mason, Deputy and Headteacher at 'Waterloo Road' first kissed where?

  • In an Italian restaurant
  • At a bowling alley
  • In the staff room
  • In Rachels office


What is the name of Phillip Ryan a student at 'Waterloo Road' Auntie?

  • Melissa Ryan
  • Rachel Mason
  • Kim Cambell
  • Ella Ryan


In Series 7 of 'Waterloo Road' why do Sian and Jez Diamond decide to break up?

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Brett Aspinall has an affair with which adult character from 'Waterloo Road'?

  • Davina Shackleton
  • Kim Cambell
  • Izzie Redpath
  • Jasmine Koreshi


Josh Stevenson is the son of which teacher at 'Waterloo Road'?

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Steph Haydock takes in which student at 'Waterloo Road'?

  • Chlo Grainger
  • Maxine Barlow
  • Janeece Bryant
  • Celine Dixon


What is the name of the Asburges student at 'Waterloo Road'?

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What is the name of the person who kills Izzie Redpath in 'Waterloo Road'?

  • Lewis Seddon
  • Jed Seddon
  • Jack Rimmer
  • Donte Charles


Who is the benefactor of 'Waterloo Road' in series 8?

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What was the name of Kim Cambell, a teacher at 'Waterloo Road' daughter?

  • Ella
  • Grace
  • Gemma
  • Niamh


Which pupil does not live at the school house in Series 8 of 'Waterloo Road'?

  • Scout
  • Rihannan
  • Connor
  • Harley


What was the name of the man that tried to destroy Rachel Mason by exploiting her past in 'Waterloo Road'?

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Which two characters have been in 'Waterloo Road' since Series 1 and are still in it today?

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