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Meatloaf Hits Quiz

Match the song to the words 8 Questions.

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'It was a hot summer night and the beach was burningThere was fog crawling over the sand...' is from?

  • You took the words right out of my mouth
  • Bat out of hell
  • Two out of three ain't bad


'Tyre tracks and broken hearts, That’s all we’re leaving behind! It doesn’t matter what we’re losing, It only matters what we’re going to find!...' is from?

  • A Man And A Woman
  • A Kiss is a Terrible Thing to Waste
  • Cry Over Me


'And some days it don't come easy, And some days it don't come hard, Some days it don't come at all, And these are the days that never end....' is from?

  • I Would Do Anything For Love
  • I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight
  • If this is the last kiss let`s make it last all night


'Ain't no doubt about it, We were doubly blessed,Cause we were barely seventeen, And we were barely dressed...' is from?

  • Running For The Red Light
  • Surf`s Up
  • Paradise By The Dashboard Light


'Baby we can talk all night, But that ain't getting us nowhere, I told you everything I possibly can, There's nothing left inside of here...' is from?

  • Why Isn`t That Enough
  • Modern Girl
  • Two Out Of Three Ain`t Bad


'Let your dreams out of their cages, Every passion and desire, Let your visions be outrageous, Set your fantasy on fire...' is from?

  • Seize The Night
  • The Future Ain`t What It Used To Be
  • Out Of The Frying Pan (And Into The Fire)


'Lost in the night, Feeling so invisible; Oh, a dead man walking the wire, I have broke the devils net, that's made of fire...' is from?

  • Alive
  • 45 Seconds Of Ecstasy
  • Back Into Hell


'The sirens are screaming and the fires are howling, Way down in the valley tonight, There's a man in the shadows with a gun in his eye, And a blade shining oh so bright...' is from?

  • Blind As A Bat
  • Bat Out Of Hell
  • Burning Down