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Know your car Quiz

A 10 Question Quiz on knowing your car. 10 Questions.

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What is a car ECU?

  • Engine Control Unit
  • Efficiency Control Unit
  • Economical Carburettor Upgrade
  • Economy Control Unit


What is a cars ABS better known as?

  • Automatic Brake System
  • Anti-lock Braking System
  • Absolutely Better Service
  • Affordable Boot Security


Before ABS, what was used by advanced drivers?

  • Acknowledged Better stopping
  • Approved Best System
  • Cadence Breaking
  • None of the above


What car part has a small end and a big end?

  • The Crank shaft
  • The drive shaft
  • The connecting (Con) rods
  • The Gear Box


In rear drive cars what is the transmission tunnel?

  • A special tunnel for rear drive cars
  • A tunnel drive train system
  • A recessed part of the floor for the prop shaft
  • A device for tunnelling through snow


What is a cars expansion tank?

  • A device to allow extra passengers
  • A part of the cooling system
  • A reserve fuel tank
  • None of the above


What is a car differential?

  • A device to sort out different gears
  • Helps sorts out speeds in different area’s
  • A part of the cars transmission system
  • A device to detect speed ramps


Where would you find a “Strut” on a car?

  • In the boot
  • As part of the engine
  • As a major part of the suspension
  • As a body panel


What does the alternator do?

  • Change between forward and reverse gears
  • Supply electrical charge to the battery
  • Switch the indicators left and right
  • Delay the window screen wipers


In a cars gear box what does a Synchroniser ring do?

  • Ring a bell when you need to change gear
  • Synchronises the gears when changing gear.
  • Makes sure you are entering the right gear
  • None of the above