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Family Guy Quiz Quiz game

See how much you know about the tv show family guy 10 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

In the tv show family guy how old was meg when quagmire tried to make a move on her?

  • 15
  • 18
  • 17
  • 13

Question 2 Photo

In the tv show family guy who does stewie want to kill?

  • Peter
  • Lois
  • Brian
  • Loretta

Question 3 Photo

In the tv show family guy when meg get out of jail after falling in love with a convict was she still nice?

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Question 4 Photo

In the tv show family guy what happened when meg went to the prom with brian?

  • He developed feeling for her
  • They kissed and he threw up
  • He was being mean to her
  • He was happy he went with meg

Question 5 Photo

In the tv show family guy chris goes to camp what happens to one of the kids?

  • They ended up dead
  • They became anerexic from not eating food
  • They got a disease
  • They fell in love with the camp

Question 6 Photo

In family guy after the kid winded up dead who did they suspect killed him?

  • Peter
  • Stewie
  • Lois
  • Patrick

Question 7 Photo

In family guy who really killed the kid in camp?

  • Cleveland
  • Joe
  • Charles yamamoto
  • Quagmire

Question 8 Photo

In the tv show family guy when peter was getting injected with stuff what did he get injected with specifically that jeopardized his relationship with lois?

  • The happy gene
  • The squirrel gene
  • The weird gene
  • The gay gene

Question 9 Photo

In the tv show family guy when quagmire had to take care of his baby analee what did he do?

  • Put her up for adoption
  • Took good care of her
  • Didn't care for her
  • Wish he had a boy instead of a girl

Question 10 Photo

In family guy the tv show when brian found out that he had sex with quagmires dad what did he do?

  • He didnt care
  • Throw up
  • Be happy
  • Says hes gay