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Superstitions Quiz

People fear what they don't understand, so "superstitions", have evolved as a form of protection, or as warnings of bad luck to come. 10 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

Which superstition stems from the old belief that your reflection represents your soul, so if the reflection is disturbed it is harmful to your soul?

  • Making waves on still waters
  • Breaking a Mirror
  • Keeping boiled water in a bedroom
  • Spilling water collected from a spring

Question 2 Photo

The age-old belief that a triangle is a symbol of life, and that walking through any triangular shape was considered to be tempting one's fate led to which superstition?

  • Violation of the Holy Trinity
  • Triangular doorways
  • Never eat the blackbird’s beak
  • Walking under a Ladders

Question 3 Photo

Which tradition originates from the belief that trees were the homes of the gods and, when in need of some good luck, one politely mentioned this wish to a tree and then knocked on the bark?

  • Knocking on Wood
  • Tree Hugging
  • Carrying acorns in a pocket
  • Decking the halls with boughs of Holly

Question 4 Photo

What's the date if you couple the Christian claim that satanic ceremonies involve 12 witches & 1 devil, with the facts that Friday saw Adam & Eve banished, the Great Flood begin & Christ die?

  • October 31st
  • February 14th
  • Friday the 13th
  • Good Friday

Question 5 Photo

Which bad omen derives from the medieval belief that black cats were the companions of witches and, after 7 years, would turn into witches, devils or demons themselves?

  • A black cat entering your house
  • Eating a black cat stir-fry
  • Killing a black cat
  • A black cat crossing your path

Question 6 Photo

Druidic belief that the dead rise on October 31st and frighten villagers (who then try to protect their homes with offerings of fruits & nuts) led to which latter day practice?

  • Conker fighting
  • Trick or treating
  • Carol singing
  • Hanging holly wreathes on doors

Question 7 Photo

During the sixth century sneezing was a sign that a person was going to die of the plague, so the Pope passed a new law that still lives today… in which saying?

  • "Use a hankerchief"
  • "You're Dead!"
  • "Bless you"
  • "Farewell my friend"

Question 8 Photo

Widely used for medicinal purposes in the middle ages, you should prevent sickness by throwing salt over your left shoulder (to strike nasty spirits in the eye), if you do what?

  • Spill salt
  • Use salt for cooking
  • Gargle with salted water
  • Open a new packet of salt

Question 9 Photo

Because rabbits are such prolific breeders, they became a symbol of fertility. Regularly rubbing what charm was said to provide good luck, good crops, many children, and prosperity?

  • A rabbit's ear
  • A rabbit's foot
  • Rabbit dropping
  • A rabbit's tail (bob)

Question 10 Photo

Stemming from the idea that an umbrella is a protector against the storms of life, what should you not do lest the household guardian spirits might be insulted and leave in a huff?

  • Stand an umbrella on its handle
  • Take an umbrella beyond the hallway
  • Roll an umbrella before it’s dried
  • Open an umbrella Indoors