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Polish Language Quiz Trivia

This quiz will surely teach you something and I hope this quiz is also fun! 8 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

After Poland what country in the World has the largest Polish speaking population? (Except the country's own language)

  • Argentina
  • France
  • Bolivia
  • Canada

Question 2 Photo

Polish is one of the hardest languages to learn. Is this statement ''True'' or ''False''?

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Question 3 Photo

If you learn Polish which languages do you also nearly know as well?

  • French, Dutch, Spanish and Luxembourgish
  • Portuguese, Italian and Greek
  • Russian, Swedish and Mongolian
  • Czech, Slovak and Sorbian

Question 4 Photo

What type of language is Polish?

  • Western Slavic
  • Eastern Slavic
  • Southern Slavic
  • Baltic Slavic

Question 5 Photo

Most of the Polish population hate to be called Slavs . Is this statement ''True'' or ''False''?

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Question 6 Photo

How do you greet a Lady in public or anywhere in Poland?

  • By kissing their right hand
  • By kissing their cheeks
  • By hand shaking
  • By touching their right ear

Question 7 Photo

When Poles argue, how would they say ''You are an idiot''? (Translated into English)

  • You be idiot!
  • Sir, you're an idiot!
  • How idiot!
  • You're a horse!

Question 8 Photo

What is the second most spoken language in Poland?

  • Silesian Language
  • Russian Language
  • Kashunian Language
  • French Language