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McFly Match Up Trivia Quiz

How well do you really know their songs? 10 Questions.

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Name the song: "When you're down, and lost, and you need a helping hand"

  • Star Girl
  • All About You
  • I'll Be Okay
  • Shine A Light


Name the song: "That I've got to keep my feet on the ground"

  • Room on the Third Floor
  • Nothing
  • Party Girl
  • This Song


Name the song: "Stick your nose in the air and that's how you go far" (Don't worry about capitals)

Type in the correct answer


Match the lyrics to the song:

Drag items from right column to match with left column


  • "When she walks in the room my heart goes boom"
  • "She likes to dance all by herself"
  • "And i've wasted half my life dont throw it away"
  • "You're standing in moonlight, but you're black on the inside"


  • Bubble Wrap
  • Falling In Love
  • Party Girl
  • Met This Girl


These are all lines from the song 'Obviously', but can you put them in the correct order WITHOUT listening to the song?

Click, drag and drop answers to sort
  • "Hopelessly reaching"
  • "She keeps draggin' me in"
  • "He's in the marines"
  • "And I never know where I stand"


What line comes BEFORE the line "She threw my bags out through the door and in the road" AND from which song have I taken this from? Please say it like this: [the line] from [the song]

Type in the correct answer


Match the songs to the lines:

Drag items from right column to match with left column


  • That Girl
  • Ballad Of Paul K
  • Surfer Babe
  • The Heart Never Lies


  • "And you're the prettiest face that's walked my way"
  • "She looked incredible, just at 17"
  • "Some people hide their every desire"
  • "It feels like time's not on your side"


Name the song: "First time I saw her she was standing in line"

  • Little Joanna
  • Party Girl
  • I Need A Woman
  • If U C Kate


Order these lines from first sung to last. (I am not giving you the song name just in case you cheated last time!)

Click, drag and drop answers to sort
  • "The sun sets the colour of fire"
  • "Let's get the motion in the ocean"
  • "Your eyes are green, you come from above now"
  • "I wanna run my hands through your hair"


Name the song: "The time has come to say goodbye, the sun is setting in the sky"

  • Walk In The Sun
  • The Heart Never Lies
  • The Last Song
  • Take Me There