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Parisian Quiz

The most romantic city in the world, but would you know your Bastille from your Metro? 8 Questions.

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Before it was stormed, what was the Bastille?

  • A Palace
  • A Prison
  • A Theatre


Which of these brilliant men has an Art Deco monument covered in lipstick kisses in Père Lachaise Cemetery?

  • Oscar Wilde
  • Marcel Proust
  • Jim Morisson


In the 2001 film Amelie, what does Nino collect?

  • Garden gnomes
  • First edition novels
  • Other people's passport photos


Who first sang Cole Porter's 'I love Paris'?

  • Eartha Kitt
  • Dinah Washington
  • Ella Fitzgerald


When the Eiffel Tower was first built, how long was it intended to stay in Paris?

  • 1 year
  • 20 years
  • 40 years


Prices in Parisian bars vary depending on where you sit. Put these seats in order from cheapest to most expensive.

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  • At the bar
  • At a table outside
  • In the park with a bottle of wine
  • At a table inside


What is the oldest monument in Paris?

  • The Louvre
  • The Paris Obelisk
  • The Sacré-CÅ“ur


What is the name of the famous bookshop where aspiring authors can stay rent-free if they work in the shop, help with the cleaning, and leave a short autobiography when they leave?

  • Hemingway and Co.
  • Wilde and Co.
  • Shakespeare and Co.