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Strange names for old forms of transport

Do you love old words? Sorry, but I couldn't resist a couple of red herrings among the pictures. 9 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

What would you be using if you travelled on a Routemaster?

  • Early motor cycle
  • Tube train
  • Double decker bus
  • Luxury limousine

Question 2 Photo

"Call me a growler, Watson!" What was Holmes asking for?

  • A horse
  • A sedan chair
  • Ambulance
  • Four wheeler cab

Question 3 Photo

I arrived today on my velocipede. What did I ride on?

  • An early form of bicycle
  • Pair of roller skates
  • A very fast horse
  • Jet powered skis

Question 4 Photo

What was a trireme?

  • Like a catamaran, but with three hulls
  • A three wheeled bicycle
  • Like a biplane, but with three sets of wings
  • An oar powered boat

Question 5 Photo

Look out! There's a black Maria! What was coming?

  • A black cab
  • A fast motorcycle
  • Express train
  • A police van

Question 6 Photo

Lady Mary took a brougham. What did she travel in?

  • An early type of bus
  • A one horse carriage
  • A broom stick - she was a witch
  • A rickshaw

Question 7 Photo

Look - there's a Comet over there! What are we looking at?

  • Racing cycle
  • Spaceship
  • Early jet airliner
  • Speedboat

Question 8 Photo

Why don't you take the Puffing Billy? What was this (clue - Australian)?

  • One man sedan chair
  • Steam train
  • Steam powered bus
  • Rapid transit system train

Question 9 Photo

What is a trandem? (Clue - remember the Goodies?)

  • A bicycle with three saddles, like a tandem
  • A boat with three oars
  • A three wheeled cab
  • A stage coach