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Niall Horan Lovers! Quiz

This is a fun quick quiz that will test your general knowledge on the loved One Direction member Niall Horan! I hope you enjoy this as much as I do! 10 Questions.

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What is Niall's middle name, and who in the band does he share it with?

  • Jack, shares it with Zaine
  • Edward, shares it with Louis
  • James, shares it with Liam
  • Tom, shares it with Harry


What is Niall's favorite color?

  • Black
  • Purple
  • Orange
  • Blue


What is Niall's best party trick?

  • Yelling
  • Farting
  • Singing
  • Irish Dancing


What is Niall's original hair color? What is it now?

  • Red, now is Brown
  • Blonde, now is Brown
  • Brown, now is Blonde
  • Red, now is Black


Where is Niall's favorite place to kiss a girl?

  • On the forhead
  • On the nose
  • On the neck
  • On the hand


What is Niall's favorite part of his body?

  • His eyes
  • His hair
  • His feet
  • His nose


Niall had two fish as a kid, named Tom and Jerry. How did they die?

  • He didn't clean the water
  • His brother flushed them down the toilet
  • His Dad forgot to feed them while Niall was at camp
  • His brother Greg over fed them


What do Niall's band mates call him?

  • Nialler
  • Nandos Niall
  • Killer thriller
  • The funny bunny


When does Niall love to eat?

  • Only when he has to
  • All the time!
  • Like a normal person
  • When he likes something on the menu


What does Niall have a tattoo of?

  • A bar code on his hip
  • "Made in Ireland" on his bum
  • The Irish flag on his back
  • Trick question! He does not have any tattoos