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A Quiz About Dreams

Do you know what things represent in your dreams? 8 Questions.

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If you dream about your teeth falling out/crumbling, what does this most likely mean?

  • You are losing things that are close to you, or afraid of things leaving you.
  • You are scared of the dentist.
  • You care about your appearance and how others perceive you.
  • You are afraid of getting old and letting your youth slip away from you.

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What can a knife symbolise in your dream?

  • It's showing an emotion- aggression or anger over something in your life.
  • It means you want something removed from your life.
  • It can symbolise the death of a relative.
  • It means you are afraid of getting hurt, emotionally or physically.

Question 3 Photo

If you find yourself being chased in your dreams by an attacker, monster, etc., what can this symbolise?

  • It shows in real life you tend to run away from problems instead of solving them.
  • It shows in real life that you feel followed and insecure.
  • It shows that you feel constantly pressured into doing something.
  • It shows that you want to get away from life sometimes and you need a break.

Question 4 Photo

Having a dream about getting your lip or tongue piercing could symbolise what?

  • You're a shy person.
  • You feel bullied and intimidated by things others around you say.
  • You fear you're immature and would like to tone down the loud side of yourself.
  • That you regret something you said to someone that could of hurt them.

Question 5 Photo

Dreaming of being ashamed of wearing your underwear in public can represent what?

  • Could symbolise you being ready to open up about a secret.
  • It could mean you are ashamed of yourself or your true feelings.
  • You are worried somebody is going to find out something about you.
  • You're insecure of how you look and try to hide your body away.

Question 6 Photo

To dream of losing an earring could represent what?

  • Indicates that you're lead in the wrong direction or are under a bad influence.
  • You aren't sure what path you're going to take in life.
  • You're fed of people around you lying.
  • You want to isolate yourself and not hear what people have to say.

Question 7 Photo

Losing a mobile/cell phone in your dream can represent what?

  • You are afraid of being left out or ignored in your friendship or work group.
  • You're scared of getting lost and not being able to find your way.
  • You have lost touch of something that meant a lot to you.
  • You fear/have lost communication with someone or yourself.

Question 8 Photo

What could it mean when you're dreaming of flying and enjoying it?

  • You're afraid of flying in planes, so you dream of it being easy and joyful.
  • You like to be alone and out of the way of people.
  • You have jobs out of the way, you're successful and overachieving.
  • You don't have trust in other people, so you do things on your own and are independent.