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Aesop's Fables Quiz

Old but familiar stories 8 Questions.

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Which animal was used to illustrate how living in the country was different from living in town?

  • cat
  • mouse
  • rat


A hungry fox decided which fruit was not ripe anyway when he could not reach it?

  • apples
  • plums
  • grapes


Which animals are in the story that shows that a naturally talented person can be beaten by a steady plodder, if the former doesn't apply him or herself?

  • hare and tortoise
  • rabbit and turtle
  • frog and snail


Where was the dog that would not let a horse eat barley even though it was no good to him?

  • in a field
  • in a manger
  • in a grain store


Which animal provides a good example by storing up food for the winter?

  • ant
  • beetle
  • fox


A competition between the North wind and the sun to strip a man of his coat was meant to show what?

  • people prefer the sun to the North wind
  • the sun and the North wind can both make people uncomfortable
  • persuasion often works better than force


A farmer showed his sons that unity is strength with the aid of what?

  • a bunch of flowers
  • a hive of bees
  • a bundle of sticks


The sight of what single creature made a foolish man think summer had arrived?

  • a butterfly
  • a ladybird
  • a swallow