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Star Trek Admirals

Do you know the names of these Star Trek admirals? 8 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

This admiral ordered the launch of the first starship Enterprise in 2151. What's his name?

  • Vice Admiral Aaron Blackwell
  • Vice Admiral Matthew Dougherty
  • Vice Admiral Maxwell Forrest
  • Vice Admiral William Ross

Question 2 Photo

In 2270, this 37 year old rear admiral was the youngest admiral in Starfleet history. What's his name?

  • Rear Admiral Steve O. Finnegan
  • Rear Admiral James T. Kirk
  • Rear Admiral Christopher Pike
  • Rear Admiral Gene Roddenberry

Question 3 Photo

This admiral inspected the Enterprise-D during its first mission in 2364. What's his name?

  • Admiral Pavel Chekov
  • Admiral James T. Kirk
  • Admiral Leonard McCoy
  • Admiral Christopher Pike

Question 4 Photo

In 2370, this Starfleet Intelligence Admiral boarded the Enterprise in an attempt to salvage the experimental starship Pegasus. What's his name?

  • Admiral Matthew Dougherty
  • Admiral Tom Paris
  • Admiral Erik Pressman
  • Admiral William Ross

Question 5 Photo

This admiral boarded the Enterprise in 2370 to discuss plans to infiltrate the Maquis with captain Picard. What's her name?

  • Fleet Admiral Rachel Garrett
  • Fleet Admiral Alynna Nechayev
  • Fleet Admiral Nyota Uhura
  • Fleet Admiral Natasha Yar

Question 6 Photo

This admiral was one of the Starfleet representatives at the signing ceremony for Bajor's admittance into the Federation in 2373. What's his name?

  • Admiral James Black
  • Admiral Tom Paris
  • Admiral Benjamin Sisko
  • Admiral Charles Whatley

Question 7 Photo

In 2376, this admiral was overseeing the Pathfinder Project, which was aimed at establishing communications with the lost starship Voyager. What's his name?

  • Admiral Joe Carey
  • Admiral Mark Johnson
  • Admiral Owen Paris
  • Admiral Montgomery Scott

Question 8 Photo

In 2379, this admiral ordered the Enterprise-E to go to Romulus to meet the new Praetor Shinzon. What's her name?

  • Vice Admiral Rachel Garrett
  • Vice Admiral Kathryn Janeway
  • Vice Admiral Deanna Troi
  • Vice Admiral Naomi Wildman