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Songs About Rain Quiz

Songs from the 70's til now with the word "Rain" in the title 8 Questions.

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Who sang "Rainy Days and Mondays"?

  • Monkees
  • Carpenters
  • Jefferson Starship
  • Mama and The Papas


The 1968 Jimi Hendrix Album "Electric Ladyland" has 2 songs about rain. First song is titled "Rainy day, Dream away". What is the second song called?

  • Raining again, Dreaming again
  • Rainy week, Dream asleep
  • Still Raining, Still dreaming
  • Rainy all day, Day dream away


Which one is NOT a Led Zeppelin Song?

  • Let it rain on me
  • Fool in the rain
  • When the levee breaks
  • The rain song

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"Have you ever seen the rain", was asked by which band in 1970?

  • Creedence Clearwater Revival
  • The Who
  • Bad Company
  • Little River Band


In 1979, who recorded "It's raining men"?

  • Chaka Khan
  • Cher
  • Donna Summers
  • The Weather Girls


Can you finish the lyrics to the song "It Will Rain" by Bruno Mars? "Cause there'll be no sunlight_________"

  • If I lose you
  • If I hide away
  • If you go away
  • If you don't stay


Can you finish the lyrics to 2003 song "Rain On Me" by Ashanti? "I'm so tried of the rain in my life and I'm so________

  • Stuck in the brain
  • Tired of the strain
  • Sick of feeling pain
  • Tired of missin' the train


Which country singer sang the song "Something sexy about the rain" in 2005?

  • Carrie Underwood
  • Toby Keith
  • Reba McEntire
  • Kenny Chesney