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Calling My Bluff 2

A follow up to my quiz on obscure english words. 8 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

Deipnophobia, used in a sentence: The party was boring because I suffer from Deipnophobia.

  • Fear of Charades
  • Fear of Party Poppers
  • Fear of Dinner Party Conversation
  • Fear of Singing

Question 2 Photo

Nikhedonia, used in a sentence: I fail at tests because of my nikhedonia

  • The anticipation of success before actually working
  • The inability to recognise a question mark
  • The need to read sentences aloud in order to understand them
  • The desire to prove your ability by only trying after everyone else has had a headstart

Question 3 Photo

Aprosexia, used in a sentence: My aprosexia makes it really awkward to talk to people.

  • The condition of never making eye contact
  • The inability to keep a straight face when being talked to
  • The condition of mimicking someone's accent when talking to them
  • The inability to concentrate

Question 4 Photo

Squishop, used in a sentence: My uncle is a squishop.

  • Someone who is both a squire and a bishop
  • Someone who runs a shop which is beneath their house.
  • Someone who is a expert at identifying mutilated insects
  • A 'squishop' doesn't exist

Question 5 Photo

Batology, used in a sentence: My friend is interested in Batology, he's a bit strange.

  • Study of Urban Enviroments
  • Study of Roman Emperors
  • Study of Blackberries
  • Study of Nasal Hair

Question 6 Photo

Sciapodous, used in a sentence: My dad says his feet are sciapodous, but I think that's stupid.

  • Large enough to be used us an umbrella
  • Able to set off a fire alarm
  • The best part of your body
  • The worst part of your body

Question 7 Photo

Horripilatation, used in a sentence: The thought of seeing my ex gives be horriplitation.

  • The desire to scream
  • Another word for getting goosebumps
  • The need to bite your fingers
  • The technical word for 'butterflies in the stomach'

Question 8 Photo

Gongoozler, used in a sentence: Someone who is a gongoozler must be the most boring person in the world.

  • Someone who has to complain about something
  • Someone who designs drains
  • Someone who insists on pouring their own drinks
  • Someone who stares at objects in a canal for a long time