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Tracy Beaker Returns quiz!

To Tracy Beaker fans out there! You may not realise it but everyone has got a bit of Beaker inside them, so strut your stuff in the quiz, or BOGOFF! 8 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

In the episode 'Jody Jackson', what does Tracy use to get Jodie into the bath?

  • A big long pole to poke her in
  • Bath jelly
  • A lasso
  • Bath salt

Question 2 Photo

In the episode 'The Invitation', what does Mike recieve when her goes to Buckingham Palace?

  • An MBE
  • A certificate for the best careworker
  • A teddy
  • A rubber duck

Question 3 Photo

What is the name of Elektra's sister?

Type in the correct answer


Can you match the names of the children at Elmtree House to their closest companion?

Drag items from right column to match with left column


  • Tee
  • Lily
  • Frank
  • Tyler


  • Carmen
  • Rick
  • Liam
  • Johnny

Question 5 Photo

In the episode 'Out Of Control', Liam decides to have a go on a mobility scooter, but ends up crashing it. What was the name of the OAP that owned the scooter?

  • Mr Stevens
  • Mr Scott
  • Mr Smith
  • Mr Spooner

Question 6 Photo

When there was a fire at The Duming Ground, Tracy and Gus decided to see if they could tell who was at the bottom of it. While looking, something happened to Gus, but what?

  • He had a tantrum
  • He fell through the attic
  • He found a mole on his arm
  • He found his old notebooks, burnt

Question 7 Photo

When Tracy really starts to find living with Lily difficult, something that Lily does makes her really angry, but what was it?

  • Lily shrinks her new cardie in the wash
  • Tracy hears Lily saying mean things about Cam
  • Lily trips Tracy up
  • Lily goes in Tracys room and messes it up

Question 8 Photo

When Lily shows Carmen a photograph of a boy she thought liked her, who does the joke turn out to be behind?

  • Tee
  • Frank
  • Gus
  • Elektra