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Quiz of 2012 (UK Edition)

A quiz about news, entertainment and sport during 2012. Though not all questions about the UK, questions are from a UK perspective. 30 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

Which Ancient Civilization predicted that the world would end on the 21st December 2012?

  • Egyptian
  • Mayan
  • Aztec
  • Israelite

Question 2 Photo

Which Jubilee did the Queen of England celebrate in 2012?

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Diamond
  • Ruby

Question 3 Photo

What was the biggest selling book of 2012? "Fifty Shades of ____" by E.L James

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Question 4 Photo

In which order did these famous people die in 2012?

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  • Neil Armstrong
  • Reverend Sun Myung Moon
  • Larry Hagman
  • Gerry Anderson

Question 5 Photo

Which British politician described the Governments economic policy as an 'Omnishambles'?

  • Ed Balls
  • Ed Milliband
  • Nick Clegg
  • Nigel Farage

Question 6 Photo

Which of the following devastated Hedben Bridge in Yorkshire on two occasions during 2012?

  • Riots
  • Fires
  • Floods
  • Heavy Winds

Question 7 Photo

At which stadium did Manchester City FC lift the Premier League Trophy?

  • Maine Road
  • Old Trafford
  • Emirates Stadium
  • Etihad Stadium

Question 8 Photo

What is the name of the James Bond film that was released in the latter half of 2012?

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Can you match the Presidential candidate with the party they represented during the 2012 US Presidential Elections?

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  • Barack Obama
  • Jill Stein
  • Mitt Romney
  • Gary Johnson


  • Democratic Party
  • Republican Party
  • Libertarian Party
  • Green Party

Question 10 Photo

'Gangnam Style' is a song about life in which Asian city?

  • Beijing
  • Tokyo
  • Soeul
  • Hong Kong

Question 11 Photo

Which British TV Soap celebrated its 40th Anniversary in 2012?

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Question 12 Photo

In what order did these nations finish in the final medal table at the 2012 London Olympics Games?

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  • Team GB
  • Russia
  • USA
  • China

Question 13 Photo

Who played Batman in 'The Dark Knight Rises'?

  • Val Kilmer
  • Christian Bale
  • Adam West
  • Vin Deisel

Question 14 Photo

The Levison Inquiry examined in depth the practice and ethics of which profession?

  • Social Work
  • Journalism
  • Police
  • Teaching

Question 15 Photo

According to UK Government plans to legalise same-sex marriage, which religious body will actually be banned from holding gay marriage ceremonies?

  • Roman Catholic Church
  • Church of England
  • The Quakers
  • Muslim Council of Great Britain

Question 16 Photo

In which UK city were two female Police Officers killed in a gun and grenade attack in September?

  • London
  • Birmingham
  • Manchester
  • Glasgow

Question 17 Photo

Who directed the Opening Ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games?

  • Christopher Nolan
  • Kenneth Branagh
  • Danny Boyle
  • Steven Speilberg

Question 18 Photo

Who was Justin Welby appointed to replace as the Archbishop of Canterbury in November 2012?

  • John Semantu
  • Billy Graham
  • Rowan Williams
  • David Carey

Question 19 Photo

In which country did a photographer take a picture of Kate Middleton as she was topless during a holiday to the country?

  • Scotland
  • France
  • USA
  • Italy

Question 20 Photo

Who did the Spanish national football team beat in the final of Euro 2012?

  • Germany
  • Holland
  • Italy
  • France

Question 21 Photo

British politician Nadine Dorries MP was suspended from the Conservative Party for appearing on which TV show?

  • Have I Got News For You
  • Celebrity Big Brother
  • Question Time
  • I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here


Can you match the place of these 2012 American mass shootings to the city & state they happened in?

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  • Elementary School
  • Sikh Temple
  • Shopping Mall
  • Cinema


  • Portland, Oregon
  • Newton, Connecticut
  • Aurora, Colorado
  • Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Question 23 Photo

In 2012 scientists believed they had found the Higgs Boson particle. What is this is more commonly known as? "The ___ Particle"

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Question 24 Photo

According to the results of the 2012 UK Census (which was published late in 2012), which city has the highest percentage of non-religious people?

  • Wakefield
  • Sunderland
  • Brighton
  • Norwich

Question 25 Photo

Cyclist Sir Chris Hoy became Britain's Greatest Olympian by winning two Gold medals. This took his career to how many Olympic Golds? (use numerals not letters- i.e 7)

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Question 26 Photo

In 2012 Jenna-Louse Coleman made her debut on which popular UK TV show?

  • Hollyoaks
  • Emmerdale
  • Dr Who
  • Downton Abbey

Question 27 Photo

In which city did Andy Murray win his first Grand Slam Tennis Tournament?

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Question 28 Photo

Which member of Take That played a central role in organising the Queens Jubilee Concert and also wrote her a song?

  • Robbie Williams
  • Gary Barlow
  • Mark Owen
  • Jason Orange

Question 29 Photo

Who was named 'Person of the Year' by Time Magazine in 2012?

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Question 30 Photo

In which order did these athletes come in the public vote for the BBC Sports Personality of the Year award?

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  • Jessica Ennis (Athletics)
  • Mo Farrah (Athletics)
  • Bradley Wiggins (Cycling)
  • Andy Murray (Tennis)