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The Royals in 2012

2012 saw the Queen celebrate her Jubilee and open the Olympics in London. Will and Kate also announced they were expecting. 12 Questions.

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The Queen celebrated which Jubilee in 2012?

  • Silver
  • Golden
  • Diamond
  • Ruby


The Queen made a dramatic entrance to the Olympic Opening Ceremony by appearing to parachute into the stadium with which fictional character? (first name then last name- i.e Bruce Wayne)

Type in the correct answer


In what month did the Queen enjoy a 1,000 vessel strong flotilla which sailed on the Thames in her honour?

  • April
  • May
  • June
  • July


Where was the Jubilee Concert held in 2012?

  • Buckingham Palace
  • Hyde Park
  • Olympic Stadium
  • Sandringham Palace


Prince Harry was photographed naked whilst playing which game?

  • Strip Poker
  • Strip Billiards
  • Strip Backgammon
  • Strip Routlette


Who opened the Olympic Closing Ceremony in absence of the Queen?

  • Prince Phillips
  • Prince William
  • Prince Harry
  • Prince Andrew


Which Royal received a Silver medal from her mum in the Olympics? (first name then surname - i.e Kate Middleton)

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In which hospital did Kate Middleton stay at whilst recovering from morning sickness?

  • Royal London Hospital
  • Chelsea and Westminster Hosptial
  • King Edward VII's Hospital
  • St James Hospital


As part of her Jubilee Celebrations what did the Queen attend for the first time?

  • An England football match
  • UK Government Cabinet Meeting
  • An Academy Award Ceremony
  • A James Bond Film Premier


In which country was Kate Middleton when photographers took pictures of her topless from a hotel balcony?

  • Spain
  • Australia
  • France
  • Italy


Which member of Take That had a major part in organising the Jubilee Concert for the Queen? (first name then surname- i.e Michael Jackson)

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Which of the following did Queen Elizabeth NOT get as a gift for her Jubilee?

  • A new Yacht
  • Part of Antarctica named after her
  • A Stained Glass Window
  • Sixty Placemats