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Complete the lyrics!

A fun, full of rhythm quiz. Make sure you have fun! 15 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

No Regrets by Dappy:When I look in the mirror.....What are the next lyrics?

  • I have a moustache.
  • I think im good looking.
  • I dont even recognise myself.
  • I recognise myself.

Question 2 Photo

Candy by Robbie Williams:I was there to witness Candice's inner princess,She want the boys to notice her rainbows and her___What are the next lyrics in this song?

  • Canerolls
  • Horses
  • Ponies
  • Eyes

Question 3 Photo

Wings by Little Mix:Mama told me not to ______ my life she said spread your wings my little ______What words should be inside the blank spaces?

  • eat and monkey
  • Create and fly.
  • Waste and butterfly
  • bomb and stinky pie

Question 4 Photo

I wont give up by Jason Mraz.:When i look into your eyes its like watching the night sky or like a beautiful ...........What comes next?

  • Sunset
  • Monkey
  • Sunrise
  • Moonrise

Question 5 Photo

Dear Mr president by Pink:Id like to ask you some questions and we can speak......What is next?

  • Honestly
  • Gently
  • Slowly
  • Miserably

Question 6 Photo

Big girls don't cry by Fergie:DA DA DA DA ,the smell of your skin lingers on me ....Which lyrics come next?

  • Forever
  • Sometimes
  • Everytime
  • Now

Question 7 Photo

Keep holding on by Avril Lavigne:When it gets _____ and it feels like the end there's no place to go you know I won't give in.What should replace the missing gap?

  • Sad
  • Hard
  • Cold
  • Bad

Question 8 Photo

Complete the lyrics to the song Wide awake by Katy Perry:Yeah i was in the _______ , i was falling _____.What should the gaps be?

  • Clark and spark
  • dark and hard
  • Ark and hark
  • landmark and like a cow.

Question 9 Photo

Stronger by Kelly Clarkson:You know i dream in color and do the thing i .............What comes next?

  • need
  • own
  • like
  • want

Question 10 Photo

Die young by Kesha:I hear your heart beat to the beat of the ..............What next?

  • Music
  • Rhythm
  • Drums
  • Tune

Question 11 Photo

My first kiss by 3oh!3:Excuse me miss but can i get you out your .........What about this one?

  • bed
  • clothes
  • trousers
  • panties

Question 12 Photo

We are never getting back together by Taylor Swift:ooooooh we called it off again ..............In this one what follows on?

  • Last night
  • Yesterday
  • Last year
  • Today

Question 13 Photo

I want you back by Cher Llyod:Remember all the things that you and i did first now you doing them with .............Is it him,her,them or no one?

  • Him
  • no one
  • Her
  • them

Question 14 Photo

I swear by N dubz :I swear ,i swear i miss the times when you would ..............Whats missing from this No 1 chart hit?

  • kiss me on the lips
  • lick my on the face
  • Tie me to a chair
  • strangle me to death

Question 15 Photo

Jingle Bells by ...........everyone!Jingle bells jingle bells jingle ............Jingle where? Merry Christmas

  • all day
  • alll the way
  • in the bay
  • everyday