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World events of the 1980's Trivia Quiz

Ok fine fer sure fer sure like...totally! 8 Questions.

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Which natural disaster took place on May 18, 1980?

  • The eruption of Mount Saint Helens volcano
  • The Iranian hostage crises ending
  • Tital wave hits Alaska gulf
  • 7.5 earthquake in Japan


What event took place in El Salvador on December 11, 1981?

  • A military coup was formed
  • A political coup was formed
  • The El Mozote Massacre
  • Paul Mccartney concert


Which historical music album was released in 1982?

  • Madonna "Like a virgin"
  • The Beatles "Sargent Pepper's lonley hearts club band"d
  • Dire Straights "Brothers in arms"
  • Michael Jackson's "Thriller"


Which event took place during the 1983 Lebanese civil war that resulted in the deaths of 299 American and French servicemen?

  • The Beirut riots
  • The Beiruit Terrorist camp formation
  • The Beiruit Barracks bombing
  • All the American and French servicemen surrendered


What was the result of Indira Gandhi's death in India in 1984?

  • A new political party was elected
  • The Anti-Sikh riots
  • She was buried in Pakastan
  • No Muslim exile for 5 months


Which airline was attacked in Rome & Vienna on December 27, 1985?

  • El AI
  • AI EI
  • AA EE
  • AY YI YI


What tragic event took place on January 28, 1986?

  • Ronald Reagan was re-elected as president
  • Global warming is discovered
  • Aids is discovered
  • The Space Shuttle Challenger exploded


What did Ronald Reagan challenge Mikhail Gorbachev to do on June 12, 1987?

  • Tear down the Berlin wall
  • Stop the nuclear arms race
  • Resign from office
  • Play a game of chess