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Twilight Quiz

Think you know everything to do with Twilight? Well take this quiz and see xx 8 Questions.

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What did Bella say when Edward was finally talking to her again?

  • "What are you talking to me now then?"
  • "What do you want Edward Cullen?"
  • "Why do you keep talking to me?"
  • "Why don't you leave me alone OK? I don't want to talk to you"


When Bella first meet Jacob what did she say?

  • "Oh erm yeah, no I remember"
  • "Hi you OK? Jacob Black"
  • "Hi im Bella Swan"
  • "Are thay allways like this?"


What did James do to Bella that made Edward save her?

  • Bit her on the hand
  • Kissed her and made her faint
  • Told her that alice was his little play mate
  • Made her dance like a little girl


Why did Bella say "What did they mean the Cullens don't come here?"

  • Because Sam said that thay wasn't allowed on he reservation
  • Because Edward turned up and she didn't know he wasn't allowed
  • Because she asked if the Cullens' could come down one day
  • Because Bella said that Edward wasn't up for coming


When Bella said "Just to be nice", what did mike say?

  • "Just tell him to go away, no one likes him"
  • "No way Cullens' not coming"
  • "Cullens' needs to back away from you"
  • "Good Cullens a freak"


What is on the front of the 1st Twilight book?

  • An apple with Edwards hands
  • A moon
  • A wolf
  • A vampire


What did Bella say when Edward gave her a bad look?

  • "If looks could kill"
  • "Hey, don't look at me like that"
  • "Did you really just do that?"
  • "What if I don't to make you hate me so badly?"


What was behind Edward and Bella in the classroom?

  • Owl
  • Frog
  • Dog
  • Wolf