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Know Your Apps

How well do you know your Apps? It's time to find out! 20 Questions.

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What is the most downloaded Paid App in the App Store?

  • Angry Birds Star Wars
  • Bad Piggies HD
  • FIFA 13
  • The Room


What is the highest grossing App in the App Store?

  • Football Manager Handheld
  • The Simpsons: Tapped Out
  • Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle for the North
  • Hay Day


What is Flipboard?

  • It creates a magazine for you to flip through from your social media & online interests
  • It is a game based on flipping burgers onto a serving hatch
  • It records your online searches and recommends places to eat and drink
  • It tracks your spending and advices when you are running low on funds


What is Pinterest?

  • It allows you to get ideas and inspiration by scrolling through other users boards
  • It allows you to pin web pages that inspire you to boards you can share with others
  • It allows you to browse the Internet without knowing where it will take you
  • All of the above


What is Instagram?

  • It allows you to send instant telegrams to friends and family
  • It allows you to add filters to your photos
  • It allows you to instantly learn the weight of items placed on your handset
  • It allows you to keep track of Award shows with updates sent daily


What is Keynote?

  • It allows you to create Excel documents on your Apple handset/tablet
  • It allows you to create Word documents on your Apple handset/tablet
  • It allows you to create PowerPoint documents on your Apple handset/tablet
  • None of the above


What is Phonoto?

  • It decreases text and numbers for handset users with impaired vision
  • It enlarges photos for handset users with impaired vision
  • It increases volume for handset users with impaired hearing
  • It enlarges text and numbers for handset users with impaired vision


What is Clash of Clans?

  • A game that tests your knowledge of your friends and family
  • Build your village, train your troops and battle with thousands of other players online
  • Build your own rock band and earn coins playing for online challengers
  • A game that tests your memory of the Highlander movies


What is iMovie?

  • It allows you to watch HD Movies you have saved on your device
  • It allows you to stream online movies suggested to you from your viewing history
  • It allows you to easily make your own HD Movies wherever you are
  • It allows you to email large movie files to a central online database


What is Spotify?

  • A game where you gain rewards for spotting hidden images
  • A colouring game for children based on the film 101 Dalmatians
  • An app that uses your device's GPS to alert friends when you are nearby
  • A subscription service that allows you to create playlists from millions of songs


What is Netflix?

  • An App that alerts you to discounted cinema tickets
  • A game based on flicking a ball over a net for as long as you can
  • A subscription based App that streams TV shows and films to your device
  • An app that allows you to flick through web pages quicker


What is TV Catch Up?

  • It allows you to watch old TV programmes on your device
  • It is a game based on chasing TV sets along a race track for cash
  • It allows you to watch live TV on your device
  • It reviews the best TV from the last 12 mths


What is Jamie's Recipes?

  • A subscription service that allows you to write reviews for Jamie Oliver's TV show
  • An app that shows you how to cook Jamie Oliver's recipes
  • A webcam that shows live feeds from Jamie Oliver's restaurant
  • An app that allows you to cook Jamie Theakston's recipes


What is Dropbox?

  • It is a storage App that allows you to share your photos, videos & documents easily
  • It is a radio feed that learns your favourite hip hop tracks and recommends stations
  • It is a game based on dropping boxes onto a ship before it sets sail
  • It is a medical database that allows you to self diagnose from symptoms


Listen to and record over 60,000 radio stations including local AM & FM local stations. What am I?

  • iAWriter
  • Demand5
  • TuneIn
  • Zoosk


A hyper realistic professional mixing experience, all with your own music. Perform live, record mixes or use Automix to integrate your music tracks. What am I?

  • Mega Mix Super Track Pro
  • djay
  • Music Master
  • Big up the Mash Up


Capture your ideas as sketches, illustrations, diagrams, notes or drawings and share across the web. What am I?

  • Pages
  • Technoquest
  • Draw Something
  • Paper by FiftyThree


Say "hello" to friends or family with a message, a call or a video call across continents for free. What am I?

  • SkyScrape
  • Skype
  • NetCall
  • Call with Friends


Deals on the best stuff to do, eat, buy, see in cities around the world. What am I?

  • Coupons
  • Dealer Pro
  • Buy it!
  • Groupon


You can make stories and share with your friends. Just follow as the bus driver asks you for ideas! What am I?

  • Shake the App! Don't tell any Pigeons!
  • Shake that Pigeon!
  • Don't let the Pigeon run this App!
  • Just say no to the Pigeon!