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Famous People Quiz

This is a quiz about people who have become part of history. 10 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

Which well known former South African leader was imprisoned for 27 years, eighteen of which he spent on Robben Island?

  • Walter Sisulu
  • Cyril Ramaphosa
  • Desmond Tutu
  • Nelson Mandela

Question 2 Photo

Who popularised the saying, "There are three types of lies: lies, damn lies and statistics", attributing it to the president, Benjamin Disraeli?

  • Mark Twain
  • Harriet Beecher Stowe
  • Louisa May Alcott
  • Ambrose Bierce

Question 3 Photo

Who said, in a famous speech, 'I have a dream...'

  • Malcolm X
  • Martin Luther King
  • Andrew Young
  • Edgar Nixon

Question 4 Photo

Which leader of the former USSR was instrumental in ending the cold war between the USSR and the countries of Western Europe?

  • Joseph Lenin
  • Yuri Andropev
  • Mikhail Gorbachov
  • Konstatin Chernenkov

Question 5 Photo

Who was the prime minister of Israel during the Yom Kipur war?

  • Golda Meir
  • Yitzhak Rabin
  • Menachem Begin
  • David Ben Gurion

Question 6 Photo

Which well known Victorian English novelist highlighted the need for social reform in his writing?

  • George Eliot
  • Charles Dickens
  • Wilkie Collins
  • Henry James

Question 7 Photo

Who wrote, 'The Daffodils'?

  • William Wordsworth
  • John Keats
  • Samuel Coleridge
  • Peter Bysshe Shelley

Question 8 Photo

Who led India peacefully to independence from Britain?

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Question 9 Photo

Which of the singers named below was NOT one of 'The Three Tenors'?

  • Placido Domingo
  • Luciano Pavarotti
  • Julio Iglesias
  • Jose Carreras

Question 10 Photo

Who performed the world's first ever adult heart transplant?

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