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Unusual Gifts Quiz

Christmas gift ideas – for those that have left it a bit late! 10 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

What do you get the man that likes to move from party to party?

  • Mini Pint
  • Collapsible Pocket Pint Glass
  • Pocket Pint
  • Everlasting Pint

Question 2 Photo

What can you get for the girl that simply adores chocolate?

  • Chocolate Frizbee
  • Chocolate Waggon Wheel
  • Chocolate Tam o' Shanter
  • Chocolate Pizza

Question 3 Photo

What does the man, that likes a drink, need to help him home from the party?

  • Inflatable Zimmer frame
  • Inflatable climbing frame
  • Inflatable steps
  • Inflatable cage

Question 4 Photo

What can you get for a clean girl, with a sweet tooth, that already has everything?

  • Cup cake cushion
  • Cherry pouffe
  • Cup cake shower cap
  • Cherry top cushion

Question 5 Photo

What instantly transforms any chap into a "Babe Magnet"?

  • Personal hammock
  • Sling ball
  • Singapore sling
  • Borat Mankini

Question 6 Photo

What can the girl with cold feet absolutely NOT go without in winter?

  • Foot gloves
  • Rainbow toe socks
  • Multi-colour top socks
  • Spectrum socks

Question 7 Photo

By what name is this novel, round-bottomed glass, that gives a little extra joy to Whisky, offered for sale?

  • Wobbly shot
  • Whisky tumbler
  • Rocking whisky
  • Who's drunk now?

Question 8 Photo

What can you get the girl that loves her candle-lit baths - to reduce the fire risk?

  • Remote control candles
  • Glow pots
  • Everlasting candles
  • Bright nights

Question 9 Photo

What's an absolute "must" to ensure your man wins the annual battle with the neighbours?

  • Softball blaster
  • Snowball blaster
  • Cotton bud blaster
  • Marshmallow blaster

Question 10 Photo

If she won't go out without her make up, what does she need for her car?

  • Flashers
  • Eye lights
  • Winkers
  • Car lashes