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"The Flintstones"

" Flintstones meet the flintstones" Lets see how much you know about them. "Yabba Dabba Doo" 8 Questions.

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Fred won $200.00 in a poker game, but he had to tell Wilma that he found it. Wilma in turn runs an ad in the paper to locate the owner, but Fred has Barney call to claim it. What name did Barney give?

  • Mrs. Tillie Shimmelstone
  • Mrs. Willie Wiffelstone
  • Mrs. Millie Shimmerstone
  • Mrs. Billie Whifflestone


2.Fred's cousins visit Bedrock. They ask Fred and Wilma to look after their ranch while they are away. What is the name of Fred's cousins?

  • Cousins Cactuspuss and Mary Jane Lou
  • Cousins Margrock and Mary Louise Bob
  • Cousins Shalestone and Mary Anne Tom
  • Cousins Tumbleweed and Mary Lou Jim


In the episode "Flintstone of Prinstone", Fred attends night school and is drafted by the school's coach. What team did Fred and his team have to play against?

  • Shale U
  • Quartz U
  • Bedrock U
  • Sandstone U


In the episode "Dino Goes Hollyrock", Dino is in love with a famous dog star. What is the name of that star?

  • Sassie
  • Sin Bin Bin
  • Sengi
  • Ol Pinker


In the episode "Baby Barney", Fred's wealthy uncle decides to pay him a visit. What is the name of that wealthy uncle?

  • Uncle Lone Star
  • Uncle Sam
  • Uncle Tex
  • Uncle Dallas


In the episode "Flash Gun Freddie", what kind of camera does Fred buy?

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In the episode "Foxy Grandma", Fred hires a housekeeper who turns out to be a bank robber. What is the name of the housekeeper?

  • Grandma Nitroglycerin
  • Grandma Dynamite
  • Grandma Hottamale
  • Grandma Bombsaway


In the episode "Old Lady Betty", Betty wants to buy Barney a rocking chair, so she takes a job running errands for a supposed old lady. What name did Betty give instead of her own?

  • Mrs. O'Lady
  • Mrs. O'Conrock
  • Mrs. O'Leary
  • Mrs. O'Shale