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Beatles Lyrics Quiz

Can you match the lyrics to the song? 8 Questions.

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Which Beatles song contains the lyrics: 'Shake it up baby now?

  • Twist and shout
  • And I love her
  • Hippy hippy shake
  • She's leaving home


What does the song "Lucy in the sky with diamonds" contain in it's lyrics?

  • Yellow matter custard
  • Plasticine porters with looking glass ties
  • Number 9... number 9... number 9
  • The fireman rushes in...in the pouring rain


Which song does John and Paul bark like a dog in?

  • Martha my dear
  • Benefit of Mr. Kite
  • Hey bulldog
  • A Day in the life


Which song does Ringo tell George to "Rock on one time" in?

  • Yellow submarine
  • A lttle help from my friends
  • Octupuses garden
  • Honey don't


Which Beatles song contained obscure lyrics such as "Goo goo ga joob" and "Semilina Pilchard"?

  • Revolution number 9
  • Magical mystery tour
  • I am the Walrus
  • Her majesty


John Lennon wrote a song after working in the studio for 12 hours. The lyrics say "I wonder should I call you ,but i know what you will do". Which song is that?

  • Back in the USSR
  • I'm so tired
  • Fixing a hole
  • When I'm 64


What color does the singer feel like in the song "Baby's in black?

  • Red
  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • Green


At the end of "Get Back", John thanks the audience and hopes what?

  • That they passed the audition
  • That they make a lot of money
  • That Abbey road roof collapses
  • That the Queen loves you