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Warning! This Quiz May Contain Nuts!!!

No this is not a quiz about food, this quiz is about daft, but real, warnings and instructions found on everyday items and food lables 10 Questions.

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On many food products the warning 'may contain nuts', is sensible, you might think, unless found on which food product which clearly contains nuts?

  • A packet of cashews
  • A bag of crisps
  • A box of cornflakes
  • A chocolate cake


Many medications, of all types, have side effects, other than what they are supposed to do! If I took some sleeping pills, which one of these would I NOT expect to be a side effect?

  • They may cause headaches
  • They may cause drowsiness
  • They may keep you awake
  • They may make you sick


Where would be the most inconvenient place to put a warning on food packaging that says 'do not turn upside down'?

  • On the top of the packaging
  • On the side of the packaging
  • On the bottom of the packaging
  • Nowhere, this instruction is never on food


Which of the following would render the phrase 'no purchase necessary' useless in relation to a competition on a product?

  • 'Rules and regulations online'
  • 'For terms and conditions see back of packet'
  • 'Over 18s only'
  • 'See inside for details'


When using a new, or any, iron, what should I take care NOT to do?

  • Iron clothes inside out
  • Iron clothes on body
  • Use an ironing board
  • Plug into electric socket before use


Presumably an unfortunate mistranslation, but still very sensible, what safety tip can be found on Korean knives in particular?

  • Keep off hands
  • Keep out of food
  • Keep out of children
  • Keep out of pet


Which of the following should you not do with your television remote?

  • Change the channel
  • Adjust the volume
  • Set a programme to record
  • Put in the dishwasher


Warning! 'do not drive or operate heavy machinery whilst under the influence' of which unlikely product below?

  • Children's cough medication
  • Alcohol
  • Sleeping pills for adults
  • None of the above!


Which of the following should you NOT eat, according to the safety regulations?

  • A sandwhich
  • Your mattress
  • A packet of biscuits
  • A bar of chocolate


Finally, believe it or not this item is 'not a toy' which one of the following list am I talking about?

  • A real saw
  • A plastic saw
  • A teddy bear
  • A set of wooden building blocks