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A Matter Of Chivalry Quiz

A brief look at Chivalry through the ages. 10 Questions.

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Question 1 Photo

Chivalry, or the 'Chivalric code', is the traditional code of conduct associated with which medieval institution?

  • Villani
  • Knighthood
  • Nobility
  • Royalty

Question 2 Photo

The word 'Chivalry' is derived from the French term for which military discipline?

  • Horsemen
  • Arhers
  • Lancers
  • Swordsmen

Question 3 Photo

Originally a behavioural code of conduct promoting honour, bravery, restraint etc., with what is 'Chivalry' more associated today?

  • Physical ability
  • Breeding
  • Courtesy
  • Wealth

Question 4 Photo

Which latter day song illustrates the medieval concept of battlefield courage, loyalty, gallantry, and the forfeit of cowardice?

  • "War"
  • "Tie a Yellow Ribbon"
  • "Give Peace a Chance"
  • "Two Little Boys"

Question 5 Photo

In which of Shakespeare's plays does Lysander show 'chivalry' in his readiness to undertake great deeds to prove he has a courageous heart and noble spirit?

  • "Romeo and Juliet"
  • "A Midsummer Night's Dream"
  • "Twelfth Night"
  • "Hamlet"

Question 6 Photo

Which 'chivalrous' English King married Catherine of Braganza, the daughter of the King of Portugal, but would not divorce her even though she bore him no children?

  • James II
  • Edward II
  • Charles II
  • William III

Question 7 Photo

Who is reputed to have placed his cloak over a puddle in order to prevent Queen Elizabeth I from muddying her shoes?

  • Sir Francis Drake
  • Sir Thomas Wyatt
  • Sir Francis Walsingham
  • Sir Walter Raleigh

Question 8 Photo

What "Song" of around 778 AD describes the 'Knights Code of Chivalry'?

  • "The Song of Roland"
  • "The Song of Henry"
  • "The Song of Solomon"
  • "The Song of Arthur"

Question 9 Photo

Which of the following is not Included in the Duke of Burgundy's description of the 'Knight's Code of Chivalry'?

  • Faith
  • Forgiveness
  • Hope
  • Charity

Question 10 Photo

Which of the following is considered a 'Chivalrous' act toward a lady in the modern day?

  • Paying half the cost in a restaurant
  • Letting her sit in the front seat of the car
  • Giving her your seat
  • Treating her as if she were an equal